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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Old Friends

>> Saturday, January 20, 2007

I had met an old friend for lunch today. Ended up at Hafner's on Taft Road. I forget why I don't go there more often, as I've always enjoyed it there. The warm aroma of a well-stoked fireplace, the occasional crunch of peanut shells could be heard under my high heel boots, and the place was quite busy, considering we had been just through a real nice snow storm from the night before and continued through out most of the day. The Snow Goddess must have heard my chant, though I think some people were not amused with my successful 'snow dance'! :)
The food was good, the atmosphere warm, and the company great! My kinda place.

I hadn't seen K. in quite some time. We used to work together years ago and she had moved into a flat across the street for me for several years before she decided to move into her boyfriend's house about 2 years ago. This had been an up & down, on again - off again kind of relationship, of which the most recent was most definitely OFF. She sent me a change of address, having finally moved out of his house back in October, though it had been over for a long time now.
To make a long story short,

She is engaged.

And Not to D.

And she's moving next week.

To Washington.

The State.

"Waitress???? Can you bring me more coffee please, we're going to be here awhile!!"

Three hours and one pot of coffee later, K. filled me in to her world.
The gentleman 'in question' is an old Childhood sweetheart. I remember her talking about him before. More in relation to his younger brother D., with whom K. considered her best friend through out her life; that, and a little bit of notoriety. I'm digressing a bit, but K. is originally from Sackett's Harbor, up north. A Beautiful and small quaint village out of a Norman Rockwell-esque environment. For those who are aware, Sackett's Harbor is famous for two things:
Their locally brewed beer and
Funny Cide, the Famous Race Horse who, in 2003 won two legs of the Triple Crown. He had first won The Kentucky Derby and followed that with another win on The Preakness Stakes. The 3rd and final leg, The Belmont Stakes, unfortunately saw him place 3rd, not first. Though he was shy of The Triple Crown, having career earnings of approximately $3,455,603 is still not too shabby.

NO, I do not follow horse racing. And nor do I have my own bookie! :)
Funny Cide is owned by a small group of former high school buddies in Sackett's Harbor. With in this group were two brothers, Mark and Peter Phillips. The two uncles to K.'s best friend and his brother, her fiance.
I remember K. asking me if I wanted to put money down on her friend's horse, as she had.
Damn! I wish I had!!!

Anyway, she had reconnected with him and,
Well the rest is history. Well there's a lot in between, but for her privacy, I'll refrain.

I just want to say Congratulations K. and D. I'll be there in July with bells on my toes! :)


3 Reflections:

Friday's Child 1:24 AM, January 22, 2007  

Awww that's nice for your friend ZZ. I like happy endings!

likegoodstuf 7:30 AM, January 24, 2007  

sounds like a rebound romance to me...she should take more time before getting married...imho

GreeneyeZZ 12:43 PM, January 24, 2007  

lgs -

I tend to agree with you on that.

And I think her 'knowing' I would take that position is what probably led her to hold off on telling me for so long.

I do know she has had a long history with this man.

I also know she needs to be slowing things down. I have told her my thoughts. I am happy for her, and I hope all works out.


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