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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Snow Sports

>> Sunday, January 21, 2007

Living in upstate New York you have a wonderful opportunity to be a part of all four seasons...

Whether you really want to or not.

Some people can appreciate this, others not. For those who are unable to find the beauty in each season, I am reminded of a joke, albeit tasteless, that a famous comedian (Sam Kinison?) had made about Ethiopians starving but living in the desert.
I am mindful of the fact that 'Weather' is oftentimes used as a conversation filler and lends a feeling of community among people. It just doesn't have the same adrenalin rush on people that Religion and politics have, so it makes for a pretty safe topic for people to bring up.

I happen to enjoy all four seasons that is offered here in this area of our world. In order of my choices: Autumn, Summer, Winter, and Spring. I think one needs to be flexible in their ability to adapt. And adapt, I have. :)

Though I would like it a bit better if we didn't have 5-6 months of Winter-like weather, I know it would make it seem longer if I wasn't able to enjoy that this had to offer.
It's kind of like the ole cliches Life is What you Make of It and If Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade. I don't think either of these statements reach the loftiness of cliche-hood without there being some truth in there. I think we forget this sometimes. I know I do.

I had been thinking how we could go through the past holiday season and NOT have a blanket of snow cover our area. It just does not feel right to me. And nor should it. Global Warming has been bantered about as a leading cause of this, and I tend to agree with that.
Sooo, I did my snow dance and prayed to the Flake Gods to grace us with more than a dusting of white frosting. Now somehow I'd like to think that I had that kind of power, to just bend the Weather Gods to my will. (I can't even get my own cat to stop putting snags in my new comforter!!)
But snow it did. And with each flake that fell, I secretly smiled, thinking the norm had returned to Central New York.

I couldn't wait to have large roaring fires in my fireplace. The smell of wood burning, the snapping, crackling and popping of the logs, the way the fire danced and made shadows on the walls and the intense warmth I feel when lying in front of it, all is made more intense by the contrast of blustery white drifts of snow just outside my door.

I also couldn't wait to just be in the snow.
Just be.

I went snowshoeing today for the first time. Beaver Lake was running a special for a one hour 'lesson' and rental for $3. After the lesson, we continued to just trek the paths.
I've learned something new. I learned how to snowshoe. I really don't think there is a skill to it at all. It's walking. Just walking. Though it was still nice to be doing that in the woods.
I learned something else too. Well, actually, I already knew this. I like things that get my adrenalin going. I like skiing, whether down hill or X-Country it matters little. I just has more of a rush than,
than snow shoeing!!! :)
But I was still glad I tried it. I like to try new things. It keeps life interesting to me. It keeps it fresh.
Besides, it makes that nice roaring fire I've got going right now, all the more better!

Contrast. I like contrast.

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