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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

A Tear That Fell In Silence

>> Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Tear That Fell In Silence

A tear that fell in silence, from eyes that swim in pain
It may have gone unnoticed if not for the glassy stain
The anguish of a heart that bleeds as salty tears
For the passing of a dream, and longing through the years

A tear that fell in silence, from a spirit that’s incomplete
Now sorting through the memories, still fresh but bittersweet
A burden left to carry, the weight of a thousand dreams
Has left the soul to perish in a world of silent screams

A tear that fell in silence, for the lost and ravaged heart
That searches for hope and healing in a world now torn apart
An essence tightly bound, and forever locked in chains
Is now drowning in a storm, of cold and bitter rain

A tear that fell in silence, for emotions insincere
For unfulfilled longing for words to never hear
A mind that has accepted, but the heart is still confused
For the spirit has been damaged and wears a nasty bruise

A tear that fell in silence, for the soul that seeks relief
To have the burden lifted, and to relieve the heart of grief
As time will heal the hurt and the memories will fade
So allow the tears to flow to end this masquerade

A tear that fell in silence, for no one’s allowed to hear
To know the deepest secrets, to share them without fear
So stand alone in silence, or hide in the black of night
No one to offer comfort, or make everything alright

A tear that fell in silence, a lyric to a sad goodbye
To bleed away the sorrow, so don’t forbid the eyes to cry
They’ll wash away the sadness, an elixir for the soul
To restore the strength and courage, and the spirit that makes you whole.

~Leria Hawkins

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