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~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Of Deserted buildings and fire hazards

>> Sunday, February 25, 2007

I had some catching up to do at work, so I went in for several hours on Saturday.
It amazes me how quickly I can get back logged. It's mostly paperwork. A necessary evil, but still evil all the same. I think I tend to be a little ADHD when it comes to paperwork. I'm fine once I get into it, but that's the problem...It takes me a while to get into it. I've had several new clients the past 3 weeks, and that easily translates to a small mountain's worth of trees that were sacrificed for the benefit of paper trails, releases, insurance authorizations, documentation, Regs, and clinical formulation. In addition to my own work, I also have to monitor the work of the Intern who I'm supervising. It's just one of those things 'they' did not prepare you for in school....the amount of paperwork.

So, I make a concerted effort to get my butt in gear, my nose to the grindstone and tough it out at work on a Saturday. I'm not used to going there when the whole building is deserted. There's a process to gaining access to the building and deactivating the alarm. I had re-read the instructions a few times so I wouldn't botch it up and end up with the police at my door. :)

No Problems. Whew.
I made a pot of coffee, turned up the Norah Jones CD that I usually have in my computer, and went to work.

Three cups and several hours later, I emerged, feeling much lighter than when I first walked in. Am I done? Nope. Still have 2 evaluations and a med consult to do. But I'm feelin' much better. Oops, I forgot to fax out this OTR form to Fidelis for authorizations; so I grabbed the necessary stuff and head for the copy room, which I had been in and out of all day.
I used my key-fob. It won't work. Why not? It had been working for me all day long.


How the hell am I supposed to fax this stuff out if I can't get in there. I briefly think about using my personal fax machine at home, but think better of it. I'm pretty good at keeping my Professional and Personal parts of my life separate, so even bringing home something to fax seems like a boundary that's crossed.

Why the hell am I being locked out of this area of the building?
I figured I'd ponder this a bit over another cup of coffee when I realize that the coffee machine is also in the same room as the copier/fax machine. I no longer have access to either now.


No Problem.
Next step. I call xxxxxx's cell phone. He's the one who's in charge of the building, and the 'go to' person for issues just like this.
He's not answering his phone.
And, don't I get a recording saying his mailbox is full and can not take any more messages??


OK, let me get this right. I'm here on a Saturday. No one is around. It is a pretty large building and I'm in a secluded area. I have been diligently doing my work. I realize I have been locked out of one side of the building. I can't fax what I need to fax. I can't reach the person I'm supposed to contact for building issues.

And I can't get another cup of coffee.

That means I can't turn off the coffee either.

That means that the coffee pot will be on a hot burner until Monday morning.

That means I can't leave the building until this is resolved.


I really just wanted to go in, do my work, and then leave. Making as little fuss as possible.
I now realize that's not going to happen.

OK, so who should I call first?? My supervisor, who is the Director of the clinic, or the Executive Director of the Agency? I decide I do not want to bother my supervisor, I like her too much! :)

So I call the Executive Director (He's going to find out about it anyway!)
And as I'm talking to him, I remember he lives in Skaneateles. He's not coming in. So he ends up contacting the Administrative Assistant, who he reports will be there shortly.

She arrives much like the Saint Bernard does with the flask of Whiskey strapped to his neck.

There. Problem solved.

And I'm sure I'll hear about it on Monday. In an affectionate way, I'm sure.
But Hey! I got most of my work done!

Now if I can only find out what the hell went wrong with my 'permissions' that barred me access to this part of the building....

...and the coffee.

Who the hell barred me from the coffee?


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Boo 10:29 PM, February 25, 2007  

I remember when I worked in Rochester, I brought my brothers to work on the weekend to show them where I worked. I had just started there. We had one of those credit card sized proximity sensor thingies to unlock the door. So we go in the door and about 30 seconds later, the alarm system went off. I didn't know we had an alarm system and I certainly didn't know the code to turn it off so we high tailed it out of there and left. The following Monday, people were talking about how the police came and all that. I explained what happened and HR said, "We didn't give you a passcode for the alarm?"

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