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~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Ohh, What a Rack I've Got!!!

>> Saturday, April 21, 2007


What a beautiful Weekend!! Ya couldn't ask for anything better.
Decided to ride my bike for the first time this season on Saturday. I wanted to go on the Erie Canal, as the naturalness and beauty of the area is very calming to me, but with all the snow we had, and the quick thaw last week, I'm sure it was very muddy and probably washed out for now. I'll have to check in another week or two, provided we are 'done' with winter.

Instead my sister and I chose Onondaga Park.

OK, what to do with the bikes, and how to transport them to Liverpool?
I used to have one that fit my old car, but not this one, so we used my sister's bike rack on my car.
We apparently did NOT put the rack on correctly, but did not know it at the time. I was a bit nervous about it in the first place, cause I wasn't familiar with this particular style, and of course there were no directions, having been tossed years ago!

We discovered our mistake when on the Parkway, and trying to turn left into the Park. That was when the entire rack, 2 bikes and all, went sliding off my car to the right and bounced off the road a couple times, before finally coming to a stop at the intersection of the Parkway and the Park entrance.

My rack had stopped traffic!

That small detail could have had disastrous results if someone was directly behind me and had to slam on his brakes, or if that had occurred on Route 81. (Whew!)

For the most part, the bikes fared pretty well, my gel seat now has a small tear on the side that will need to be fixed and I lost my front reflector.
Very miner stuff compared to the seriousness of it, had that transpired differently.
So if anyone saw two frazzled women at that intersection yesterday, that would be my sister and I! ;)

The bike ride was nice. The place was crawling with people. We took our time coming home, taking Park Street rather than the highway, and took it very, very, v e r y slowly around any corners.
Now we need to somehow locate instructions as I won't be taking that out again until I know it is secure.

Sunday instead, am going walking out there. A safer bet at this point!! Still haven't brought out the blades yet....that's coming.

I hope everyone is enjoying this Beautiful weekend!!
More of that where this came from!!


4 Reflections:

Brunetta 7:01 PM, April 22, 2007  

I don't know what surprised me more: the sound and sight of the rack and bikes flying off and hitting the road OR watching GreeneyeZZ pick up the rack with 2 bikes attached to it and carry them to safety! It must have been the adrenaline ?!

FosterDad 7:27 PM, April 22, 2007  

LOL Brunetta...too Funny...I can just imagine it now!

Anywho...I have used many a different racks in my younger days...If you need someone to help you hold an adjust your rack...let me know!

Seriously...I can probably show you how to attach it properly ...Let me know!

GreeneyeZZ 7:53 PM, April 22, 2007  

Brunetta -
Yeah! I'd say that definitely got the adrenaline pumping a bit!! We stopped traffic, people couldn't get in, there was a line of cars waiting to get out. And it was slightly embarrassing! I saw the bikes, and just moved them as soon as I could! Quite honestly, I barely remember doing that, I just remember worrying that one of us was either going to be hit, or we were going to cause a car accident somehow! (Whew!)

FD -
You're offering to hold and adjust my rack???? *raises eyebrow*
Should I be calling you CB from now on???? lol
Yes, I definitly will need assistance with this, if you are offering?! I don't know what your schedule looks like this week or next, but that would be perfect if you can drop by sometime.
*Very big smooches*


~Doob 8:43 PM, April 23, 2007  

ZZ, I was at the park both Saturday and Sunday, and looked high and low for your nice rack. I didn't see it:(

I think I'd have an easier time picking out your lovely green eyezz at the fair, as there were more people at the park this weekend than on any given Fair day!

oh, and everyone thought that Bloo was just adorable walking 7.5 miles while carrying her new tennis ball! She just wouldn't let go, except to get a drink of water, lmao. Stupid bitch

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