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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer


>> Sunday, May 06, 2007

On occasion, when I come across a new blog(and the person behind it) that interests me, I will add them to my blog-roll.
Recently, I've had the pleasure to come across not one, but two blogs of note that I'd like to introduce here.

The first one is Billiam's Music Blog. He had initially stumbled upon my blog regarding the post I had made about how one would cope when faced with the moral dilemma of having to choose which of your children would live and the other die, titled A Study in Morality. It was good to exchange POVs, as different perspectives interest me. I also want to give credit to Billiam, as it was his blog where I recently found another Chatbox to replace the one I used to have on here. This one works out much better. *winks appreciatively in Billiam's direction* ;)
Btw Billiam, are you listening to the music video I just put up?? I like it!! My sister has mentioned Candy Dulfer to me before. This sounds wonderful and the guitar in this one is fantastic too!

The 2nd noteworthy blog is titled Expressions in Color, by Mirage Chopper. A beautifully created blog by a gentleman name Dave, who describes his blog as: " expression of such dreams in color, by their animation in words." His writing style is unique and the stories of his dreams and nightmares are surreal and somewhat intense. I was also tickled a bit to discover, when perusing his site, my name as being nominated for a 'meme' to establish and work on goals. I will have to do this, and then nominate a few others as well. *Graciously nods head in Dave's direction* ;)

What is interesting to me also, is that both Billiam and Dave (MirageChopper) appear to be very good friends with each other and, from what I can tell, have a fishing trip together coming up soon. I'm sure there will be a few 'tails' to tell about that one! :)

They are both listed on my sidebar. Please feel free to visit their sites and stop by often.


2 Reflections:

^M!R@G3^ ChoPPeR 9:54 PM, May 06, 2007  

Greeneyezz, I don't know what to say except thank you for your kind words. What a pleasure to see someone so intrigued by my work, that they elect to post something about it on their own page.

Bill is my best friend and I would give my life for him at the drop of a hat. As you predicted, I can forsee some 'fish tails' following this Memorial Day weekend as well. :)

Thank you again,


Billiam 11:13 AM, May 07, 2007  

Hey Greeneyezz! I hope you are doing well :) Thank you so much for introducing my blog. I have also added a link to yours on my right sidebar. Sorry the Santana song wasn't the original you were looking for. I have 1,000's of classic rock cd's archived so I might still have what you're looking for hidden somewhere in my collection. As far as the Candy Dulfer vid, it's great! She's very talented. I have a couple of her albums. Yes, Dave and I have been best friends for years and we usually try to go to a cabin up north every Memorial Day and Labor Day for some Sport Fishing and beer drinking. Maybe it's actually mor like Sport Drinking and fishing? Anyhow, I appreciate you featuring my blog. You seem like one of the few "real" people on the internet and I enjoy reading your blog as well.

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