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ZZ Gone Political????

>> Monday, May 14, 2007

**POLLS Are At The BOTTOM of Sidebar**
this is not a bastardized version of Girls Gone Wild!!


I have never been a huge political person. Yes, I always exercise my right to vote. And yes, I make it a point of trying to know at least some of the issues and political positions of those I support or not support. And even, Yes, I am more sensitive to the issues of our country, than when I was younger, but I've never really been as politically aware as I think I should be, considering how much I, and those I love are, are affected by who happens to be at the front of the class.

I've decided to add the list of potiential leaders, along with their websites and to have two on-going polls, located on my sidebar, of a list of potentials for both the Democratic and Republican Party.

The way I see it, this forces me to become more aware of who the candidates and their postions are. I kinda figured I can't be the sole semi-quasi ignorant American out there who does not eat, breath, and sleep politics, so, having the list of possible candidates, along with their websites, and the two on-going polls on my sidebar, may help enlighten me and others as well.

I ask for all to be a bit patient, as I'm thinking the polls on my sidebar may make loading my page a bit slower. It is for that reason why I have chosen to not include The Constitution Party, The Green Party, The Libertarian Party, or Independents as polls, as I am concerned about how long it wil take someone to load my site.
As I continue to add posts here, I will most likely move those polls further down my sidebar, so any slow loading will not affect others as much. But there, they will both stay, until The Primaries have taken place and one is selected from each Party. At that point, I will then put up a separate poll of all the candidates running for that Illustrious Head of the Class Position. It'll kinda be like
ZZ's Informal Polling Place! ;)

It is interesting to me that Federal Election Commition Chairman, Michael Toner, has said that this race will be the "Most Expensive Election in American History" and that to "be taken seriously", "a candidate will need to raise at least $100 million by the end of 2007." I have read somewhere that if both the Democrat and Republican Campaign costs were added together, the total costs have more than doubled in ONLY THE LAST EIGHT YEARS!!! From $448.9 million in 1996 to $1.01 billion in 2004!
WTF?! So, money spent = quality of presidential candidate, aka political party???
I don't think so.
If anything, I think money spent can very easily = people being bought, skeletons kept hidden, mud being slung, and Stolen halos being shined!
They also predict a, *Come on, Say it with me Fucillo* H-U-G-E impact with internet media, like blogs, Youtube, and other political sites!

It is my intention to keep the two polls in place until there had been one selected from each party. Because these political 'hopefulls' can come and go as easily as the tabloids change from Brittany Spears to Paris Hilton, to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, I may need to change the polls to reflect those dropped out or added.

Below is a list of all running candidates, for both the Democratic and Republican Parties,
as of today. ;)
Please peruse their websites, familiarize yourself with their positions, and make an informed decision.
And Don't forget to VOTE, both Here on my blog AND where it counts the most...
The voting Booths!

~Democratic Party~

First Tier Candidates -

~Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York
~Senator Barack Obama of Illinois
~Former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina

Second Tier Candidates -

~Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico
~Senator Joe Biden of Deleware
~Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut

Third Tier Candidates -

~Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio
~Former Senator Michael Gravel of Alaska

~Republican Party~

First Tier Candidates -

~Former Mayer Rudy Giuliani of NYC
~Senator John McCain of Arizona
~Former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts

Second Tier Candidates-

~Former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas
~Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas
~Representative Dunan Hunter of California
~Former Governor Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin

Third Tier Candidates-

~Former Governor Jim Gilmore of Virginia
~Representative Ron Paul of Texas
~Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado


6 Reflections:

Billiam 12:26 PM, May 14, 2007  

Great post! It's nice to see people get interested in politics. I have closely followed politics since I was a teen.

^M!R@G3^ ChoPPeR 10:17 PM, May 16, 2007  
This comment has been removed by the author.
^M!R@G3^ ChoPPeR 10:21 PM, May 16, 2007  

I totally agree with my pal Billiam. (I'm usually not such an agreeable individual) In this case I say hell yeah, nice post! Way to keep it real; keep it green and keep 'em coming! :)

P.S. Still diggin 'Nicci's Dream' [Ya that was me that deleted the prev comment; I'm wasted hahaha)]

GreeneyeZZ 7:01 AM, May 17, 2007  

Thanks guy! ;)
I think it's a way for me to familiarize myself with the potentials.

Was that a TWI (Typing while intoxicated????) *raises one arched eyebrow and laughs*
Damn those fingers!! They never seem to move the way you want them to, eh??



Doobs 9:07 PM, May 19, 2007  

I'm hurt that you would place a saved nanosecond over the true pulse of American Politics. more people than ever believe in the doctrine of the Libertarian Party, and more voters than ever have gone independent due to becoming too afraid (and too smart) to belong to either party.

Myself, I gave up on party affiliation shortly after becoming a union official. The Republicans would rather tear their fingernails out with pliers than associate with the likes of me, and the Democrats had absolutely no credible people on the fron lines, with the exception of Mr Clinton who threw away his reputation on a bloo dress.

Last week at a week-long seminar, my group raised over $2400 from total strangers that were in the same building taking other classes for the BCTGM-PAC. It's a long story on how it all came together, but we went far beyond the coffee-cup corner begging, and surprised the top officials of the union with our contribution. I used to read, now I move and shake.

I'm still undecided on the person that will get my vote, but when I do make that decision you can count on the fact that you'll know (as will anyone else who cares to listen) as well!

Brunetta 11:32 PM, May 19, 2007  

What??? No post since MONDAY, MAY 14??

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