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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer


>> Monday, June 25, 2007

To Saratoga's Jazz Fest....2007!!

Some of the more creative responses to my daily countdown to this year's Jazz Fest:

'5.5 - from a Russian Judge'
'Bo Derek'


'3 squared'
'9er 9er 9er'
'Inch nails'
'Square root of 81'
(Congrats to SalinaBlooz for being the 1st to figure out I was counting down to something!) ;)

'Is enough'
'Super 8''I'm Henry the 8th, I am'

'Score and 7 years ago.'

'Three Dog Night.'

'2-2-two mints in one! -Certs'

'One is the loneliest number'
'One for the Road'
'One for the money, Two for the show'

I hadn't thought that others would take off on that, with their own little twist!

Thanks everyone....You made me smile with some of your responses!!! ;)

I had been looking forward to this year's Jazz Fest at Saratoga and relaxing for a few days. I left on Friday Morning and returned Monday afternoon. This is my fourth consecutive time, and I am just an 'infant', still wet behind my ears, compared to a few of the people I was there with. This year marks SPAC's 30th Year for this entire weekend of Sun, Music, laughs, and good food food! A couple of the gentlemen I was with, had been faithfully attending for the last....

....26 Years!!!


These faithful repeaters are not limited to just the 22+ people from the group I was with either; you'll often find many many people who attend year after year after year...and they ALL have the same 'spot in the sun' too! As a result, people get to know each other as being repeaters.

The crowd is quite eclectic, with people with infants to young adults, those approaching middleage ;) , to those in their 60's and 70's, all there to soak in the sun and music. It is most likened to being a softer Woodstock with a little bit more flair.
Even though I always get seats for the 'shell' (incase it rains, plus better viewing) the party is ALWAYS on the Lawn, so that is usually where we stay and only go inside the shell for specific performances!! Obtaining the lawn area is like The Running of the Bulls. One or two people from each party arrives at the gate about 7 AM and wait until the gates open at 10. Once that gate opens, it's a Free-For-All with everyone running to 'Stake their claim' on a piece of lawn, using a Tarp to secure their spot. I have not had the wonderful pleasure of this tredious but very important step, but think that next year may be mine!

Attention! The following coordinates:

Lattitude: 43° 4′ 31″ N

Longitude: 73° 46′ 57″ W

Not only Represents where, EXACTLY Saratoga IS in this world, to the best of my knowledge, those coordinates also represents the ONLY public place on the Face of this Earth where there is almost always a line for the Men's bathroom, BUT NOT the Ladies!! And several years running too!

This year saw David Sanborn! I Love listening to the Sax and have a few of his CD's. Wonderful performer! George Benson was very good, as was Jean-luc Ponty, Ravi Coltrane, Tower of Power, and Al Green, to name a few.

One really has to like listening to music and being out in the hot HOT sun for long periods of time. Yes.....I have bronzed right up this past weekend...the weather was perfect! Hot but not blistering hot like it had been in previous years.

Lots of good food and drink! Because of the summer sun, I usually end up going through almost a case of water myself, to keep me hydrated, particularly with all the drinking of alcoholic beverages too.

I, however, have Perfected a simpley wonderful refreshing concoction, perfect for these hot and balmy days.....

....Frozen Wine Slushie!!! Not only do they come out nice and icey and Delish, but I have found a way to keep it frozen the Whole day!!!

The two pics below show the two buckets of Wine Slushies I made for this Red wine, the other White! Please notice how the ENTIRE bucket has been encased in 1/2 inch of ICE!!

Yumm! These were taken just when I had removed them from their repective buckets of ice!

This goes over well! It's such a treat on a hot and balmy day!Because this tends to be such a 'party' atmosphere, I made for the very first time...about 70 jello shots, which also went over very nicely.

Two different batches...both made with Stoli Vodka. The First batch was with Black Cherry Jello, and because I wanted taste sensations...I made the second batch with Orange Jello and used Stoli Vanilla Vodka in it. It was like having a Creamcicle! In the words of Racheal Ray...

YUM-O! ;) It's funny too, ya end up tossing them over to your neighbors too!

we also eat very well too!

We just have to bring our Italian Medley....

~Roasted Tomatoes in an Olive Oil with lots of garlic and herbs.
~Marinated Artichoke hearts
~Roasted Red and Yellow Peppers
~Jumbo Green olives, 1/2 stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese, the other half with whole Almonds
~Hunks of Italian Bread
~and a Fresh Mozzerella, tomato, and basil salad!

We also had pasta sald, pizza muffins, and a bunch of other notables too! I laugh when I think of the imprint we have apparently left on our group's memory of us......everyone always looks forward to the Italian-inspired food!

This is Brian with a nice presentation of fresh Shrimp Cocktail with cocktail sauce lightly dolloped on each one. He's known for bringing that.

Remember me stating that the year-after-year-repeaters, will always stake out the same plot of lawn for themselves??? Below is what is typical for one group of Jazz-Festers as you walk into the park, you'll see it on your left side.

(Click on picture to make it larger.)

They always put up a 'help sign' of some sort. I think they had a 'Breast exam service' a couple of years ago! ;)~~

Below is a pic o what that tiny 'corner' of that part of the lawn looks like as I was coming out of the shell. We are always located at the same area year after year.

Another picture of a tiny part of the lawn.

An interesting game of strategy called 'Gobble it up" being played by two in our group. I didn't get the chance to play as I was into reading the book that I brought.

They had the Albany School of Massage there, so my sister and I got a chair massage. mmmmm, that was nice!

They also have a craft tent with some wonderful vendors and creative wares.

Another Great Year!
Looking forward to next year's already!!


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Friday's Child 11:56 AM, June 26, 2007  

All I can say is wow!


Can I be adopted by your family? You guys have way too much fun!

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