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Tandem Re-Writing of Our National Anthem!!!

>> Saturday, July 28, 2007

As I sit here, coffee in hand, still in my PJs, and contemplating this post, the corners of my mouth turn up and I chuckle to myself.

I was up wayyyyy past my bedtime last night and my eyezz are a bit tired this morning.
Regardless of the lack of sleep, I was having a wonderful time chatting with a fellow blogger.

A Kindred Spirit.

I have introduced him on my blog before, and you may have seen some of his comments sprinkled throughout my postings.

Mirage Chopper, the author of Expressions of Color, and you can find him on my sidebar.

A brilliant writer and artist, who expresses from his core.

Anyway, while chatting, he was updating the profile of his blog, under

'View my Complete Profile'.

There's a section on that profile which Blogger poses a question for you to answer. Mine asks something about 'My Cat's Safety School is....'

Mirage was fiddling around with his and decided to refresh the page so Blogger would post a different question for him to answer. Waaa-laaaa.....the next one to pop up...

"Compose the lyrics to a new national anthem that features an animal sound at least once: "

So, together re-wrote our National Anthem, and chose to use Cows and a Mooo in it! (CowtownCuse....I hope you are reading this!)

It was difficult at times, but quite amusing none the less. The original that we had, looked like this:

Cow Spangled Banner

Jose can you see, that cow jumping over the fence?
What so proudly he sells, all the crack by twilight.
His tech-9 and extra clips gleaming.
All the immigrant cows screaming,
“Mooo!” through the night…
And the purple pimp cow was still there.

And the good cows used nair

On the purple cow’s short hair
That left razor stubble in the night
And a shitload of milk spilling

Oh say do those cows ever tip over at night,
Over the land of the free range cows
And the George Foreman grill

~Chopper & Greeneyezz

We finally had completed it....he went and copied & pasted it in the correct area and went to save it when.......

a note popped up saying it could only be 400 characters long!!!!! UGH!!!!

Determined, we both cut, minced, diced, and chopped, 'till we were able to get it at a length that Blogger would accept! This was no easy feat either! Some of the words we had to change to make it shorter, gave it a Rapper kind of feel to it!
The way it's currently set up, the structure and spaces need to be tweaked, and Mirage said he may play with it for a bit.

If interested, check out his page, which is wonderful, and then click onto "View my Complete Profile" to see our finished work.
Thank you MirageChopper, ursentiment!



2 Reflections:

Friday's Child 12:23 AM, July 29, 2007  

ZZ - You can sing til the cows come home or write about them all you want...I'm just thankful that you finally updated your blog!

Chopper 10:44 PM, July 29, 2007  

Well, I'm flattered that you've made a post about this! I couldn't possibly count how many times I laughed while we figured the lyrics to this. Above all, thank you so much for cheering me up when I needed it most. You're absolutely wonderful.

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