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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

The Cow that could....WHAT??!!

>> Thursday, August 16, 2007

I heard something very comical today at work, regarding a colleague of mine. I was amused enough to want to post about it.
I have a coworker who is several years older than me and wears glasses.
According to our secretary, this colleague had come in early this morning, as usually is the case with her. She apparently was walking through our waiting room when she noticed a child's book on one of the chairs. Being there so early in the morning and not having her glasses on, she started to go off about this particular child's book as being 'very inappropriate'. The secretary was dumbfounded about this and had thought she misunderstood her.
Again, this coworker repeated how inappropriate this book was, and took the book and was about to let it sail through the air, into the trash bin when she caught the title of it. The Real title, and had started to laugh as her face reddened.
Apparently, she read the title as:
The Cow that could LAP Dance!

I laughed when this was told to me!
Not only because of the humor of it all, but also because it reminded me of my need to have my own eyes checked for glasses.

NO....I STILL have not had this done yet! I choose to be in denial about this....STILL! ;)
I had previously penned a rather amusing post on me getting older and needing glasses.
For a chuckle, please read Denial Ain't A River In Egypt. ;)


3 Reflections:

Kim 5:15 PM, August 18, 2007  

Oh, goodness....get your eyes checked. I've worn glasses since I was 5 years's not a big deal! :-o

Pretty funny about the book title. Many years ago I was in Florida with my husband and our good friend Jim. Jim had found a flier advertising an 'Irish Festival' in a local town. He showed the flier to all of us and we all read it, and thought it sounded interesting. Off we went to the Irish Festival expecting to drink beer and watch some Irish dancing, etc. We got there and found nothing like that. Everything seemed very calm, and, honestly, a bit dull. There was no beer or Irish dancing. We looked at the flier to make sure we were at the right place. As it turned out, we WERE at the right place, but it WASN'T an IRISH Festival, it was a PARISH Festival! All 3 of us had read Irish Festival. LOL!

GreeneyeZZ 12:57 PM, August 19, 2007  

Dk, yeah, I know, I know, I know!
I only need them for reading and it appears...only when my eyes are tired.

It's kinda funny though... I have two lamps in my office at work. I will often only use them, rather than the harsh overhead light, as I like the idea of the softer, muted lighting of the lamps. (It makes my office warmer.)
I have take to having the overhead lights on a bit more than usuall...even some of my clients have noticed it!

But, I must say....

All three of you misread that flyer??? And you all went to a Parish Festival, eh??? Good thing you were not asking about Pickles then! (evil laugh) ;)

Kim 8:44 AM, August 21, 2007  

There is a pickle festival down here here every year. :-)

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