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Fruits of My Labor

>> Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I, along with a couple other colleagues at work, supervise college level interns. These have been a mixture of both Bachelor and Master level students from both LeMoyne College and Syracuse University. While it's definitely a lot more work involved, I like investing that time with those who have a similar passion as me. Though there's approximately 18 Clinicians total, between our school-based programs and site based, there's only a small handful of us that does supervise. For our hard work and time, the respective colleges will give back to each agency, 3 college credits to be placed in a pool for employee use. I have yet to take advantage of this benefit.
What sometimes happens, which may be similar for other (non social work interns) who have been assigned to an internship at some local establishment of their choosing, is that they are hired in the near future of them graduating. This is because they are not only now familiar with that particular job, but also that particular company. It makes for an easier transition....there's less 'down-time' training an individual, as they had been 'shown the ropes' through out their school year long internship. For my employment, this only applies for the Master level interns, as that's the least amount of education, required for this type of work.

It was nice, very nice, to discover that they decided to hire my intern from this past school year! Yaay! What made this even nicer???? I also found out that the first intern I had supervised about 3-4 years ago, was also hired!!!
Both of these students are hard workers! I couldn't help but feel a small sense of pride that my director had chosen, out of all those who had applied for the job, two of my proteges! Ironically, though she knew the one, as she was my most recent intern, my director was not aware that I had supervised the other, as this had occurred prior to my director taking this position.
Welcome aboard!
It looks like the fruits of my labor, have ripened! ;)
I have another intern coming in for the school year in about 3 more weeks. Looking forward to it.

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Boo 12:39 PM, August 14, 2007  

I like to play a mentoring role too. I've done so for college interns doing a co-op and to new employees fresh out of school. I think back to when I started and how I felt so lost and not knowing what to do and how things worked. Teaching is also a great way to reinforce concepts in my own head.

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