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May I offer you an Apple???

>> Saturday, September 29, 2007

Said Eve.

Went to Beak & Skiff's Apple Farm today. I was amazed at how crowded it was there, as well as every other Apple farm with in the vicinity. They actually needed police directing traffic. That seems to be only a prelude to next weekend, as that's the Lafayette Apple Festival.

Anyone who's even remotely familiar with Central New York (CNY) is familiar with this yearly Autumn festival. I don't envy anyone who happens to live within a 10 mile circumference of this Mecca for the infamous fruit from the Garden of Eden.

It's interesting....for as famous as this area is for their apples and this festival, my first time ever attending and trying some of their world-famous Apple Fritters, was only in 2001. I remember that clearly, as it was that exact moment when we had just parked our car, and news came over the radio informing America that we had just launched our first air-strike against Afghanistan. It feels kind of odd to me to associate Apples, and Apple fritters, with missiles, Osama Bin Laden, and Afghanistan, but somehow I do. :(

Below are pictures I took of some of the trees I picked apples from. The first two pics are Cortland Apples, good for baking with. (I'm Making an Apple Cinnamon French Toast for a Brunch on Sunday, after I do the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Three Mile walk.)

The Next two pics are McIntosh Apples, good for just eating.

This was an impromptu kind of road trip. I hadn't actually planned on stopping here, though it just seemed to work for the day. A regular poster to one of the forums I frequent had posted posted a link to Tinker Falls, a very small waterfall in the same area as all these apple orchards.
I've bookmarked this site as it lists all the waterfalls in New York.
It was a beautiful day and I was inspired, sooooo....

This is where I found myself!

I remember being there a lot when in my early 20's. You can actually hike up *behind* the falls. Unfortunately, this time of year, it has almost dried up, with only a 'tinkle' of water coming down. Spring and early Summer is the best time to see this. Below are pics:

The two 'specks' of people you see in the below pic is of my sister and a friend of mine. Neither one wanted to climb up it, so they stayed there while I made the short trek up.

I liked this pic below, with the water droplets just trickling down over the stone. In early Spring, this would look more like a wall of water tumbling down.

I think I may need to explore some of the waterfalls that I have not yet seen. ;)

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FosterDad 10:43 AM, October 01, 2007  

Great minds do think alike....We went apple picking also....but choose to go to Behling Orchards in Mexico(to try something different). The apples are absolutely fantastic this year! We must have eaten almost 2 dozen before we even left the orchard.

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