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Christmas in Iraq

>> Thursday, December 06, 2007

While over at Go! Smell the Flowers, a wonderful site that tends to be often inspirational and upbeat, as well as informative and humorous; I found a post of theirs, which *actually* was referencing a post on another blog, Bitten and Bound. (Sound confusing??)
While I don't typically 'Steal some one's thunder', I think the message there is larger than life and something that really should be shared. You can read the story behind it here, but the main gist is a request for people to send Best Wishes, Holiday Greetings, or just a warm hello to the Marines that are stationed there this holiday season. The author's daughter's boyfriend is
LCPL Wiley Adams, the third Marine from the right, So this hits closer to home for this particular Blog Author.

Bitten and Bound is asking for messages to be sent to our Men & Women who are serving in Iraq this holiday season. They can be emails, photos, or even uploaded Youtube videos. They are dedicating a portion of their site specifically for this. Please email all correspondence to: Bitten and Bound by January 1, 2008, and they will make sure it will be posted on their site.
This will also work the other way around too. If you are a service member and are overseas, you can send your correspondence to your loved ones at that same email above, and Bitten and Bound will make sure it gets posted on their site. (Please read the original post at Bitten and Bound for any other details that I may have left out.) (And I want to thank Taylor who sometimes posts at Go! Smell the Flowers for posting this as well. She has a brother who will be taking off for Afganistan in August.)
Help make their Holiday a bit warmer and cared for, as each and every one of them is someone's daughter or son, father or mother, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, or brother or sister.


2 Reflections:

Taylor Blue 9:21 PM, December 06, 2007  

That is wonderful...I'm sure Bitten and Bound will love this!

GO!Smell the flowers 2:25 PM, December 07, 2007  

Great post and thanks for mentioning the flowers here!

Our regulars are sure to step in from dubai, China, Oz, Canada, US, Uk, India, Holland and on we GO! to wish a safe return...

Great job, great post TaylorBlue!

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