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HA! Winter Driving in...

>> Sunday, February 03, 2008

Good Ole Syracuse NY!

I LOVE this video!! It's Perfect!

Kudos to Kelp1967 for the decent quality video of what it's like to drive in the winter in Syracuse, NY. Great tune too!
This guy has a hell of a commute to work. It looks like he was coming in from the North area, way past Liverpool on Route 57, possibly Clay area. You'll watch him go from Rte 57 thru the village of Liverpool and hop onto the Parkway. Then, under the Train Bridge (2:55). He enters the Downtown area and you'll see him drive right through Armory Square, a neat redesigned downtown area with many restaurants, bars, and boutiques to choose from. I've spent many-a-night partying there when younger. You'll see that area at 5:36 - 5:55.
A neat video, great song too!

My niece had texted me this joke back in December with the following:

"98% of drivers say 'Oh Shit' when they hit ice. The other 2 % are from Central New York and say, 'Hold my beer & watch this shit!'"

Above text-joke not meant to encourage drinking & driving. Meant in the flavor of 'We can handle our own in any snow storm". :)

~ ZZ

3 Reflections:

delmer 2:48 PM, February 04, 2008  

Snow like that would kill central Ohio drivers. Not from car crashes ... but from nervous breakdowns.

Greeneyezz 3:55 PM, February 04, 2008  

Ahh, but you'd get used to it.
I'm certain the speeding up of the film does only adds to the thrill. :)

As he entered Armory Square area towards the end of the video, I could point out which places I've done jello shots in.


Billiam 9:17 AM, February 05, 2008  

Snow is awesome! We get lake effect off lake Michigan here, so I'm used to it too.

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