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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

S.U.- Georgetown (We Won!)

>> Saturday, February 16, 2008

I had tickets to the S.U. - Georgetown game, set for noon. The morning started out with Bailey's (Homemade, btw), Frangelico, and coffee. Yummm...A nice treat before making the blustery climb up to The Hill.
Below, a sea of Orange.

I had recently purchased a decent camera - Canon PowerShot SX100 IS. I'm still playing around with it, trying to get used to it. *Psssst* I have started a new blog, just with photos on it, they are a mixture of photos that I took, as well as photos that, though are *not* mine, they speak to me all the same. I'll be posting a link to it here eventually, and, as the same with this site, it will Always be, a work in progress.
So, I wanted to know how well the zoom would be on this. Below you'll see a shot, no zoom, from where I was sitting. You'll notice the little, itty bitty white circle I added on the top right side, along with the note asking if you can see the two gentlemen in that circle. Obviously, if you can...I want your eyes!! ;)
Using the zoom for the photo below, please notice the gentleman in the gray long-sleeve shirt, with the orange stripe, using the binoculars and gentleman to his right, with orange cap and shirt. Those two are the two gentleman in the above white circle. That is also the husband (W/ Binoculars) of the friend I was with, and her Father - in - law, next to him. I could have been a bit more steady when I took that, thereby making a clearer shot. But I am liking the idea of a 10x Optical Zoom.

Of Course, taking a photo of Jim Boeheim, in his Most Famous pose, just *had* to be done!
(My day wouldn't be complete with out that.) :)

Caught a shot of us making another basket. Yaay!
My friend J., of my B.O.B. Party Fame.
The ending score. Yaaay!!
Typical after a win, many people storming the Court to rush to the players. Damn! Can you give the guys some room to breathe?!

So after a couple Bailey's & Coffees, PreGame, Blue Lights during the game, and Margaritas, After the game, it feels good to be snuggled in a warm home with a nice fire going.


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Billiam 12:52 AM, February 18, 2008  

I thought Syracuse was famous for their basketball....why so many empty seats this late in the season? Anyhow, Glad you beat Georgetown and glad you had fun! By the way, why the word verification? Have you had problems with bots spamming this page? Sometimes it makes it difficult to comment for you.

Greeneyezz 8:16 AM, February 18, 2008  

Good Morning Mr. Bill -

Yeah...SU's Basketball Team does seem to have a bit of notoriety and a following of fans. Much more so than our Football team, which btw - Sucks!

Your question about attendance had peaked my curiosity enough to do a bit of research. According to the history of that dome:

"The Carrier Dome is a 50,000 -seat sports stadium located on the campus of Syracuse University (SU). It is the only domed stadium in the Northeast, and is the largest structure of it's kind on a college campus in the country."

I went to SU's site,....stats for that day:
Attendance: 31,327
Largest crowd in college basketball this season.

You're seeing part of the 'back Court' on the pic that shows the left side as 'empty', which is always set up like that.
I still don't think it was totally soldout though.

Hey, a bit of trivia for you...when our dome had opened in 1980..the first concert *ever* was Frank Sinatra. The very first *Rock Concert* to preform there was Santana...and I, of course, was there for it! And that was in 1981. :)

And the Word Verification???..
I've had that set like that from day one.


Greeneyezz 10:39 AM, February 18, 2008  


I thought I'd include these links as well:

Rolando 3:34 PM, February 18, 2008  

You had me at Baileys. I've always had it from the bottle over ice or in coffee.

Those are some excellent pictures. Congrats on your new camera. 8 mega pixels makes a big difference, especially with the zoom. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Man, that's a lot of people! Looks like a good time, especially they after game activities.

Billiam 3:01 PM, February 19, 2008  

It must have been cool to see Santana. I'm getting ready to go see the Backyardigans on April 2nd! Thanks for the links. It's hard to tell, but just to the right of the scoreboard, there appears to be a smiling penis with a tie!

Greeneyezz 3:24 PM, February 19, 2008  

It was *very* cool to have seen him. Of course I was 17 years old at at the time and like a foolish 17 year old, was trashed on Jack Daniels. Can I just say...YUCK! I was a Bar Manager for several years before returning to school, and I *still* would hold the bottle of JD *away from me* whenever I poured for someone..that's the lasting impression from that night! Yuck again!

And the smiling penis??

That's certainly *not* Bob.

He didn't come with a tie.


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