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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Murder-Mystery Dinner Party I

>> Saturday, March 22, 2008

What happens when you place nine of your closest friends all in the same home together, and all wearing a Toga that they themselves have created, to imbibe in some wondrous cocktails, dine on a spectacular Roman Feast that Julius Caesar himself, would be proud of, and cast suspicious doubt upon each other, while at the same time, vigorously sorting through the many clues to a Murder that had taken place, to discover, who, among us...



... is really the Killer?

What Happens????

Ahhhhh...You'll find out next week.

I am in the process of planning a Murder-Mystery Dinner Party, that will take place next weekend. As I will be playing hostess to some of the best murder suspects a Gal could possibly hope to have.
I thought it might be fun to include as much as I can about this Murderous Event, here, so that you all may be able to follow some of this for yourselves.
Those who know me, know that stuff like this makes me froth at the mouth and I get all excited as it allows me to let my creative juices flow. I enjoy planning and putting together things like this, as evidenced by a Party that I had last November:
Going Away Party / Where in the World is B.O.B.

I had a recent conversation with Delmer from What's a Delmer Look Like? and was sharing with him what I was planning. As Delmer tends to be quick with the slightly twisted humor, his immediate response to that was:
"I know! I know who did it! It Was BOB, in the Dining Room, with a Candlestick Holder!"
Though most of you are probably familiar with the game Clue, to truly get the full humor of it, you'll have to revisit my post above "Where in the World is B.O.B.?"

Anyways, as the days move closer to this Murder-Mystery, I'll include other tidbits of information, suffice it to say right now, that the theme and setting of this Murder is obviously during Roman Times, and all engaging in such activities will be dressing in a Toga of their choice. I have already given them a link to directions on how to make such finery. (And though ZZ's name may be affiliated with a few choice curse words because of this finery-requirement, I'm certain a very Very fun time will be had by all.
*Ducks as J. throws the first Rotten tomato in ZZ's direction* ;p~~

To whet your appetite for this adventure, I am including the rules of this game here, of which I have recorded myself.

Your Murderous Hostess,

1 Reflections:

Lord Likely 8:18 PM, March 24, 2008  

It was Miss Scarlet, in the bedroom, with the vibrator.

I am not suggesting she is the murderer, I am just telling you what I saw.

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