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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Gucci Gucci Gu Gu!!

>> Saturday, April 19, 2008

I spent several hours shopping today. My dearest sister Brunetta, otherwise known as The Shopper Extraordinaire, had given me a few coupons to be used with specials at Macy's, that were over at 1 PM. as she is Loved, Feared, and Revered by all merchants within a 20 mile radius. Loved because she indeed likes to shop. And shop she does. I can't quite recall if it was Bon Ton or Lord & Taylor that she is given something like a 'Platinum Status', all based on the amount of money she has spent in there! (Oooops....Hubby doesn't read this, does he?)
Feared because God have mercy on any soul that tries to cut in line or get away with unscrupulous behavior while shopping. (They still haven't found the body of the sales clerk who wouldn't accept her $25 coupon that ended 30 seconds prior, after having spent 45 minutes in line for.) And last, but not least, she is Revered, because....because, well, Because she's been known to sniff out a sale dozens of miles away, can tell you the price difference of two identical items from two different stores, can figure out at a simple glance which is the better deal, and can cover more mileage in a morning before the Door Buster's Special ends.
OK, I embellished a little. But just a tad. Honestly, they did find that sales lady.

Anyway, Brunetta had given me several coupons to use at Macy's. As she was at a work conference today and unable to use them. (Kid sister scores again!) :)
I bought a couple outfits and did see a pair of Hot shoes from my all-time-favorite Musician, Carlos Santana. Yes indeed, Mr. Santana indeed has a women's shoe line, with some of the hottest styles around. Check out his site. I do own one pair of his, but resisted the urge for another. For now.
But even with all these coupons and savings for the day, that is not why I am excited, and feel 'Tingly' all over. :)
Some of you may recall my Rant back in September, where I had bitched about fragrance I wore (Givenchy Organza Indecence). MY fragrance, MY SIGNATURE FRAGRANCE, had been discontinued. I had been very bummed about this. I had even email Givenchy to inform them of my displeasure over this. The French women who responded gave her regrets, could only say if they do decide to make it again, there's no way of knowing which Country would carry it. Well, we all know how much the French like the U.S., actually, given our current Political Climate and 'Standing' in the world, my guess is that France is not alone. But that's another story.

Anyways, so I go into Macy's carrying a tiny travel size version of Indecence, along with a copy of what makes up that scent:
Patchouli, spellbinding and sensuous, illustrates the eroticism. Intense and dazzling cinnamon, followed by a syrupy note of plum, warms up the composition, making it even more desirable. In the end note, musk and amber kiss the composition and shroud the skin for a very sensuous effect.
Top note : Jacaranda wood, Patchouli
Middle note : Cinnamon, Plum
Base note : Musk, Amber

And I ask to speak with someone who really knows their fragrance and their compositions. I am directed to two women, one of which had been there 9+ years, (Mahsa Mahvash) the other, 3 years (Patricia Vonkoblauch). After explaining my quandary, offering up the wee bit left that I had of MY signature scent, AND showing them my own research on the break down of my scent, I had created a lot of Buzzing at the Fragrance Counter of Macy's today! lol, they went on a mission, and had enlisted a couple other salesladies too. They pulled out several for me to try, based upon the Top and Base notes, and Musk and Cinnamon. They too detected a slight hint of Vanilla there, in spite of it not being included.
I honestly felt like I was pampered. At first I thought my request was not only a difficult one, but that I would be viewed as a Pain in the Ass to them. After giving my apologies, both passionately denied this being a problem, and were both enthusiastically motivated to do this, as it's not often that someone comes in with that much info. They, along with a couple other sales associates they enlisted, were absolutely wonderful!! They were professional, accomodating and willing to help me find a 'replacement' Signature Scent for me. One canister of coffee beans, four fragrances, and 45 minutes later, and WAAA-LAAAA.....I found a fragrance, that, though different than the Givenchy, the Notes are similar, and more importantly, has that same, soft, seductive and feminine scent that I fell in love with.!
Gucci, by Gucci (of course)!
It had just had been released. That's a good thing, on several levels.

My Drug of choice.
My addiction.
My 'new' signature fragrance.

So, if any of you catch a faint hint of Gucci, as it softly wafts past you, look around for a pair of Green eyes, I might be there.


2 Reflections:

delmer 10:46 PM, April 19, 2008  

This is another reason it is so much easier being a man.

As long as we get all the bad smells off us ... sweat, bad breath, dog crap ... we feel like we've won the game. We're happy to spend our day smelling like Zest, Arid Extra Dry and Close-up.

Brunetta 10:01 PM, April 20, 2008  

How quickly they turn on you. Oh sure, she was nice when she wanted my coupons..... she even was sweet when she asked what days the sales started at each store so she could plan her strategy. But AFTER she got what she wanted she implies that I am a violent salivating compulsive shopper. Oh, the labels, the labels. Okay, so maybe I get edgy when people try pushing ahead of me. And I have lost my "platinum status" since I shortened the Christmas list. Which by the way, I have just removed one more.

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