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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Tequila-Con 08

>> Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A fun time!
I had met several people from all over the U.S. And unfortunately, there were many, Many, MANY that I didn't get around to meeting!
Of those that I did meet, include:
Delmer from What's a Delmer Look Like?,
Jessica from Black Belt Momma,
Dawg from A Pile of Dog Bones,
Jen from Run Jen Run,
Dave2 from Blogography,
Becky from Midnight Cliff,
Karl from Secondhand Tryptophan,
CT from PocketCT,
and Adam from

I also met a wonderful woman, Dee Dee, who is a friend of RunJenRun but doesn't have a blog.....yet. :)
There were several others who I had briefly met as well, but, due to alcohol, I'm struggling to remember names here, so please forgive me. Actually, I think there was something like 50 -60 Bloggers from all over that had come to Philadelphia for this 5th TequilaCon.
(Please look for these wonderful Blogs to be added to my Blog Roll.)

I'm leaving the Recaps up to those above. There are a few of them that I had tears rolling down my cheeks I was laughing so hard.
Pics can be seen here.

Around town, I had visited Rodin's The Thinker. (Love that statue!)

Below is Delmer and myself at The Northbowl Bowling Alley for TeguilaCon08. Please notice the lanyards. They had buttons on them depicting the many different bloggers there that Dave from Blogography had made. Very neat Flair there!

You can't tell here, but if we were standing, I think I'd come up to his hips. Let's just say that Delmer definitely has a Striking Presence about him that's hard to miss, as he comes in at, I think he said 6' 5" tall.
Jessica from Black Belt Mama had commented on liking my "Cool Shoes". :)
Even with those 3 1/2" Stilettos, I still felt quite short.

Below is the Liberty Bell. While Patience is *not* one of my finer qualities, I did not want to wait in a line for hours just to snap a pic of this bell *with* the crack exposed. So, as you can see, I took this pic from the outside, reflection and all! (I'm chuckling a bit cause I've been on several of the other bloggers and they too...wouldn't wait in line for this, so they did the same thing!)

Though I refused to wait in that dreaded line for the Bell, it somehow didn't stop me from waiting in another long ass line for an Original Philly cheese steak sandwich.
Jim's Steaks, One of the more famous places to have a Philadelphia Steak Sandwich. It's been around since 1939 and the walls were covered with pictures and autographs of all the famous people who've stopped there over the years.
I was not impressed. I've actually had better tasking steak sandwiches in Syracuse.

A visit to the Franklin Institute. That really was quite a large statue. They had some kind of Star Wars thing going on there, believe it or not. The place was crowded.

I think they're are already plans for TequilaCon09 in the making. This time, it will probably be held on the West Coast. Ooooooh...California or Vegas would be nice! :)

5 Reflections:

Dave2 1:14 AM, May 08, 2008  

So cool that you could make it to TequilaCon! It was great meeting you and chatting a bit. :-)

New York City's Watchdog 11:38 AM, May 08, 2008  

Ack! I completely forgot about the Star Wars exhibit! Damn! I think it was the last weekend too!

Well... we had fun anyway! And Jessica was right... those are definitely killer shoes!

jenny 3:38 PM, May 08, 2008  

You didn't like Jim's steaks? I shared one with Dee-Dee and thought it was mighty tasty - way less greasy than I thought it was going to be.

So glad I got to hang out with you, on and off the dance floor - and those really were some killer shoes! Hope to see you at the next one!

Greeneyezz 6:31 PM, May 08, 2008  

Dave - You did an incredible job with the lanyards, buttons, and helping to organize this. I look forward to next years!

Dawg - Yeah, I saw Darth at the top of the steps as we were going up them. What was interesting was that they had spray-painted the vertical parts of the steps that lead to the entrance. You can tell it would have been a picture of some sort if one was far enough away from it. I would have liked to have known what that was.

Jen - Jim's Steaks...yeah..they weren't greasy (good) but to me they lacked flavor and I like my cheese melted over the top of it, not just slices put down on the inside of the roll. (oh well.)

Regarding my *Killer Shoes*,

Don't be fooled by them.
Or me! ;)

A quick & funny story: I had to physically restrain a Very Strong, Very Out of Control 10 year old boy in my office about 2 yrs. ago. (Danger to himself & others)
Anyway, after he de-escalatated and went home (1 1/2 hrs later), our psychiatrist and my co-workers were in awe that I had done all that in a pair of High Heels, I was teased endlessly about me being the 4th Angel from Charlie's Angels....'Cause apparantly I could kick ass...

Even in a pair of High Heels!



Rolando 12:03 AM, May 09, 2008  

Looks like you had a great time! I didn't even know there was a blogging event! You took some great pictures too. Looks like everyone has known each other for years.

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