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My Walkable Neighborhood

>> Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I grew up and still live in Eastwood, "The Village with in the City" of Syracuse.
Thanks to this Man, he posted this really neat gadget in a forum I sometimes haunt *wicked smile* So I thought I'd post it here. (Thanks Boo!)
What a great little gadget! It's rather quite functional, as it shows the "Walkability' of any neighborhood. Obviously, the importance of that is to show what is available to someone within that small community, within walking distance. The ratings are from 0-100. As you'll note, Eastwood rates 88 out of 100, putting Eastwood 2nd highest for neighborhood walkability.

I have noticed that a few of the businesses listed are outdated, but for the most part, what you see is in my corner of the universe. You can scroll through each category to find several different businesses in the area.
Some of *My* favorites?
~Grocery Stores - Wegmans - Gotta love Danny! Originally hailing from Rochester, NY, some of his stores are simply huge with just about anything you can imagine there.
~Restaurants - Hufstirs (Lotsapasta) A take out place that actually does entrees like Steak and Shrimp Scampi. The make a decent Chicken Riggies.
Lee's Garden if I'm in the mood for Chinese.
~Coffee - This Dunkin Donuts is where I'll usually pick up my coffee before heading to my sister Brunetta's house to drag her off to the Regional Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.
~Bars - And if it's not Coffee at Dunkin Donuts, I'll drag my sister out for Happy Hour at Chadwicks (Actually it really should be Riley's, but they don't have that listed.) :)
~Movies - Most definitely The Palace Theatre. They renovated this old Theatre into a very quaint Artsy Movie Theatre with an attached coffee and gourmet sandwich place. A Great place!
~Schools - It lists my Elementary School (Huntington) as well as my High School (Henninger). No Junior High though, as it is now a senior residence. (FYI - That's a sign of the Baby Boomer's growing up...decreased need for a Junior High, increased need for Senior Housing.)

~Parks - SunnyCrest Park. Well....that park you see situated there??? That figured into A LOT of my defiant teenage years! As you'll notice the below Murals. They were painted by a couple friends of mine, all under the influence, but pretty damn good.
Please click on the pictures to make them larger for the details. Below would be a pic of me on the left, my friend S. and J. both of whom I grew up with and went to college with. S. is the one who painted the Zeppelin Mural.

~Libraries - I haven't been in a library in a few years, but if I was to go to one, I'd probably choose SU's library.
~Book Stores - Of the choice given, most definitely Seven Rays Book store. It's kind of an alternative book store in the center of Wescott Street, in the heart of SU Hill. Check out their website. Very neat stuff there. Hey, you can get psychic readings, Reiki Healings, and things of that nature.
~fitness - The gym I used to go to isn't listed.
~Drug stores - Again I would use Wegman's. They're cheaper than Eckerds.
~Hardware store -
Nightengale True Value. They used to be located closer to my house.
~Retail - I don't use any of those listed.

There you have it! The local establishments within my area.

10 Reflections:

Kim 8:02 AM, May 27, 2008  

I put that on my blog last year. You can read it here: Poppin's Ponderings

I had a problem with the site because it was wrong. With my parents address it missed the entire school district and, instead, named a school that's in a different district, it missed several restaurants, it missed one of the drug stores, it missed the massage therapy places and the hair styling places, it missed a few bars, it missed all the places of missed a lot!

Greeneyezz 8:07 AM, May 27, 2008  

Kim, that's because it's up to the businesses to update their info with the business that owns the walk score.
It's not up to Walkscore to do that.

You'll find info on that here:


Fosterdad 10:12 AM, May 27, 2008  

Well....I must was right on with my neighborhood...I have to drive everywhere...I guess I like it like that...

Walk Score: 2 out of 100

Kim 11:35 AM, May 27, 2008  

Yeah, but even if it's not up to them, it's not all that accurate. According to that site, my neighborhood was given a walk score of 6, which, actually, might be accurate...there isn't much you can walk to here except the pool, playground and school, but we do have a chain grocery store (Food Lion) within 1.5 miles that wasn't listed. Of course, when I entered my info last year, my neighborhood scored a 0, so the fact that now we're a 6 means we're getting better. Hehe.

My parents scored a 75 this time, last time it was a 60. Thing is, the only thing that has changed was that the drug store moved further away, so you'd think, if anything, it would have gone down.

Oh well. The site is fun, but I wouldn't rely on it for anything.

Kim 12:23 PM, May 27, 2008  

Btw, I've been in Eastwood. I think Clinton, where my parents live, is much more walkable. Eastwood IS walkable, but not more so than Clinton. :-)

Anonymous 10:09 AM, May 28, 2008  

lol. You live right around the corner from my son. I go to that Dunkin Donuts whenever I visit for there ice tea. I lived on Nichols Ave for a few year, years ago, it's a great little town.


The Thrifty Blogger 6:26 PM, May 28, 2008  

My score is a zero! I'm delighted to report that flora and fauna are my neighbors, and it is very walkable neighborhood! :)

delmer 12:30 PM, May 29, 2008  

My neighborhood got a 77 of 100. I'll have to give it a closer look to see how accurate it is.

Greeneyezz 10:50 PM, May 29, 2008  

FD - Yeah, where you live is a bit more spread out. But think of it this way, You all can hang out on your newly stained *smile* deck in peace! :)

Kim - That's unfortunate that it's not accurate for you. Mine is accurate, though is showing a few outdated businesses.

4- Oh my! This world *is* quite small isn't it?? I had no idea you had lived this close to me. How long have you been living up North?? And what part of Nichols??..Between which Blocks...James, Northcliff, Glencove, Caleb, or Burnet??? And when, if you don't mind me asking?? I grew up with a family that owns Ricos Restaurant, that grew up on Nichols between James and Northcliff.

Gwen - Flora and Fauna, eh? Very Naturistic, as I picture you too.

Delmer - Yeah, it sounded like it wasn't accurate for a few.


Anonymous 7:04 PM, June 09, 2008  

Those photos bring back memories. Those guys were so talented!

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