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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

"Can't You See"

>> Sunday, June 08, 2008

If there is a single song that can transport me to an earlier time of my life, so vividly and with such clarity, that a 'movie' replays sweetly in my mind, as I gently sway to it's hauntingly seductive melody,
this would be it:

Just searching for this on youtube made the hairs stand up on my arms, and when I closed my eyes as I replayed this song, I could smell coconut from suntan lotion (in my mind) hear in the background, water that was falling over the Dam at Jamesville, and feel the sun beat down on my very darkly tanned body, as I layed on a Beach blanket. Letting the droplets of water, left over from the swim I just took, leave glistening trails and make their way, slowly down my legs and disappear onto the blanket below me and then evaporate as the hot summer sun did its magic. I can even recall hearing buzzzzzing from an occasional insect that was drawn to the smell of coconut and even see a dragonfly, with it's opalescent and tranclucent wings flutter, as my own eyes fluttered open when someone said "Here, try this." as frisbee tricks were being done not far from me. I remember thinking that dragonflys were not a regular sight here and was taken by the beauty of it's fragile silvery wings.
My body still remembers what it felt like, as my lips touched the still icy-cold aluminum can from a beer I had been drinking.
And This Song playing, on a Tape Deck of a portable stereo, that was resting under a chair, behind me.
I was 19 years old.

All in this song.
This one simple song.

I was flooded with that same seductivly sweet memory last night, as I swayed to this exact same song while watching
The Marshall Tucker Band (or whoever is originally left) play this while at The Taste of Syracuse.
Even so many years, several band members later, and even my failing eyesight could not dim those wonderful feelings that washed over me when this song came on. The place was mobbed, as usual for this yearly event, and because of my 5'4" height, I would from time to time gently nudge Fosterdad, asking him to tell me what they looked like, as he was able to easily see over the crowd, *any crowd* for that matter. ;)
Even when Molly Hatchet had played before them, it just didn't have the same effect on me as that one song does.

Hauntingly so.


3 Reflections:

delmer 5:52 PM, June 08, 2008  

When I saw the reference to Marshal Tucker I had one of those thoughts that goes something like, "I can't believe it. I haven't thought of those guys for a long time and now they've come up twice in two weeks."

And then I remembered that they're coming through Ohio as part of this tour (and then I checked, and they're not).

So now I'm struggling to remember where the first reference came from. Hopefully it'll come to me while I'm spreading mulch this evening.

The Supplicant 5:55 AM, June 09, 2008 about pulling the forgotten ghosts out from the dark recesses of my mind! I haven't heard that song for over 25 years ... probably more but I don't want to betray my age LOL.

Wonderfully written Greeneyezz. Loved this post. Great imagery!

PS Thanks for the wonderful comment at my site. I promptly wrapped my fingers with duct tape...that should prevent the delete key from being pressed. Thanks :-)

Greeneyezz 9:29 AM, June 09, 2008  

Delmer - They're a great band. That song gets me every time.

JD - You're obviously old enough to remember it *and* young enough to appreciate that band! :)

Thank you JD for such a beautiful comment. Coming from you, it's definitely genuine and heart-felt.

Should you let those idiots get the best of you again and become reactionary....
You'll need *more* than just duck tape for your fingers.
*Smiles sweetly, meaning that in the most affectionate of ways*



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