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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer


>> Friday, July 04, 2008

Ooops, I forgot to say, I had gone to Saratoga's Jazz Fest last weekend. I had a blast, even with the fact that it poured on us all day on Saturday. I somehow (??????) got quite drunk on Saturday. I mean. Bombed. I had a couple beers, which was nothing. But then I switched to my famous Frozen Wine Slushies and had shared quite a bit of these Jello Shots that I made for the weekend. Weekend???...They lasted one day! I made four batches total, 2 batches using Orange Jello with Vanilla Stoli Vodka, ahem, a Half-bottle's worth! Yummy Creamsicle! The other 2 batches were made with Raspberry Jello and a half-bottle of Blackberry Stoli Vodka. Oh my.
I was tossing them out to everyone, even to the people behind us that we didn't know.
My "only" rule???
You could only use your tongue to help slurp the jello out of the plastic ramekins. :)
Anyway, I know I must have been 'unusually' smashed that first night, cause everyone was asking how I was feeling on Sunday!
I actually felt pretty good, considering I offered to be a 'runner' for our designated spot on Sunday Morning. {Meaning: Once the gate opens, it's a free-for-all-stampede for everyone to Run as fast as they can to stake their claim on prime lawn acreage.} This is done by quickly unrolling a tarp. The size I carried??? It's large enough to fit about 16-18 people. Our spot is almost at the half-way mark of the length of the outdoor Ampitheatre. It's a little bit of a distance to run, but not too bad.
Can I just say, it's like the Running of the Bulls!! P. and I were at the gate at like 8:45 AM on Sunday. Not too bad, there were a few people ahead of us already, but really not too bad. But when the gates open at 11 AM, omg watch out! We were all crammed in there shoulder to shoulder. The group I was with has had the same exact spot for the last 22+ years! (Not too much pressure for me to keep the tradition going!)
What an adrenalin Rush! I've already said I wouldn't mind being the 'runner' next year (Sunday of course), as that gives me first pick of seating, which is always under the tree.
It was a nice time.

Oh, I almost forgot. Almost.
The photo above???
That's me. On the drive back to Syracuse on Monday, don't I get stopped about 15 miles from my exit, by a State Trooper who clocked me doing 91 MPH!!
Ouch! I knew I was going at least 85, but 91???
Anyway, he did write me a ticket, but for going 84 MPH instead, as he had been ever so kind to show me the break down of points and # of miles over the speed limit, along with saying that such-and-such amount over the speed limit wouldn't allow me to plea bargain down.
I hadn't had a speeding ticket in years!!


5 Reflections:

The Supplicant 7:53 AM, July 07, 2008  

Well, at least you managed to have fun on Saturday even if it was raining!

As for the ticket...What? Why didn't you flick your hair over your shoulder and batt an eyelash? I'm sure you would have succeeded in melting the cop down into a mushy mass of sympathy. And the ticket? just a warning.... :-)


Anonymous 11:06 AM, July 07, 2008  

Hi is me your "running mate" We should have followed one another home as well, then maybe you wouldn't have been busted speeding. Oh well. Best advice, pay the $200 to retain a lawyer to have the entire ticket reduced to a parking violation. (you will also have to pay a fine as well) This will be cheaper than the tix staying on your insurance for the next few years. Talk to you soon!! Paula D

Greeneyezz 11:56 AM, July 09, 2008  

JD- A Mushy Mass of Sympathy!! lol I've got a visual with that one! He had commented on that I was answering him quite honestly. Like...duh! It's not like he didn't know the answers already when he ran my plates. (And no...there were no had been years!)
And yes, I did have fun on Saturday, regardless.

Paula - I plan ond doing something about it. Grrrrrr.
Fosterdad has been doing nothing but teasing me in one of the forums we post in.

He'll get his!! ;)~~


delmer 5:01 PM, July 09, 2008  

That's certainly moving down the road.

The boys and I just went to Kentucky to see the folks -- at points the speed limit is 70 and I'm comfortable to 75. It's been years since I busted the 90-mph barrier.

Greeneyezz 11:24 PM, July 09, 2008  

Delmer -
OK, Like I said in the post, I don't usually go that fast. And it had been Years since my last speeding ticket. ;)

I hope you and your children enjoyed your time in Kentucky.
I can't remember, was this the first time you had been there since they moved??

I hope your fourth was a nice one.


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