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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

The 7th Side

>> Saturday, August 09, 2008

A masquerade of emotions.
Wants, desires. Hopes and Successes.
With a sprinkling of broken dreams thrown in.
Personal failures that continue to gnaw -
Our essence.
And carefully bound with self-woven thread.
Hidden from all that you meet.

Barring the one,
peering back from the mirror,
Who gets to see these?
In the deafening silence. The tick-tock of time,
Who becomes privy?
To such intimacy, at times both raw and sublime?

To All the World, they see (you show) the outside of you. A mask that boldly says, "This is me!!"
Almost like a figure of a box, drawn on paper, Two Dimensional at best.
Very few, according to you, have reached for the lid,
carefully lifting it, and with caring eyes,
peer inside.

"People like you, from what I perceive, are beautiful enough
to look on the inside."

This echos through my bones.
And haunts my very soul.

I cry myself to sleep wondering,
Why you couldn't reach for my own box lid,
Like I with you,
and gently peer inside.
Genesis 1:28
And also be, of the very few
That was privy to see The 7th Side.

© 2008 Greeneyezz

*Posted first at The Midnight Wanderers here.

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Speedcat Hollydale 11:25 PM, August 17, 2008  


Thanks again ... happy week to you :)


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