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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer


>> Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Name: Bacchus, The Roman God of Wine.
Also known as Dionysus, The Greek God of Wine.
He is the patron deity of agriculture and the theatre. He was also known as the Liberator, freeing one from one's normal self, by madness, ecstasy, or wine.The divine mission of Bacchus/Dionysus was to mingle the music of the aulos and to bring an end to care and worry. Scholars have discussed Dionysus' relationship to the "cult of the souls" and his ability to preside over communication between the living and the dead.
In Greek mythology Dionysus is made to be a son of Zeus and Semele; other versions of the myth contend that he is a son of Zeus and Persephone.
(Taken from Wikipedia )

Sex: Male. Neutered. Damn you humans! Damn you to hell!

Age: D.O.B.: 3/29/02.

Breed: Pure-Breed Maine Coon.

Sire: Sir Ferdinando Gorges (Pops was quite the Stud.)

Dam: Millinocket

Nicknames/Alias: 'Stinky Breath', O' Great Hacker of the Hairball.

I like: to be showered with attention. Why are you standing there, human?
Pet me Damn it!

I don't like: to be ignored. Like, it *means* something when I push my cold wet nose in your hand. DUH!!!!

My superpower(s) are: The ability to knit you a sweater with matching scarf, hat, and mittens, using only the hair that I cough up and leave as my daily gift to you.

Alternate Superpower: The ability to turn any earring into mesmorizing prey, to be purposefully stalked and knocked off dresser and toyed with until permenantly lost or until my owner (read: slave) shoos me away.

My motto is: "Pet me human. Now....Or I rub my cold wet nose on your hand again."

Alternate motto: "If I can reach it, it's a toy."

2nd Alternate: "Nothing good ever came out of a squirt bottle."



8 Reflections:

Speedcat Hollydale 12:19 AM, September 10, 2008  

"Stinki Breath" sounds a lot like my cat Spike!

I guess he does not get to rattled by the camera :-)

....... loved you photo pick. Steamy Hot. It's up and live in Hollydale now.

Thanks ZZ

hello haha narf 12:29 AM, September 10, 2008  

pretty kitty! and what a great name. bacchus, not stinky breath. :)

drippingmind 6:49 AM, September 12, 2008  

Greeneyezz,:-) this is really fascinating! I love the wit, the humor, the wisdom, and the underlying myth. Great!:-)

Rolando 12:18 AM, September 14, 2008  

You'd think your cat is a dog with all the affection he's after, lol.

jenny 11:08 PM, September 14, 2008  

I love the name! Any cat named after the god of wine is a friend of mine. But I'll take a pass on the hairball sweater... it's really the thought that counts. :)

Speedcat Hollydale 1:40 AM, September 15, 2008  

Dropping by .... cat is still sleeping?????

Greeneyezz 8:04 AM, September 15, 2008  

Speedy - Rattled?? He's a Ham. :)
And still sleeping?? lol, as a matter of fact...yes! He's found a perfect spot on the Window seat right next to me and this computer. Ever since I put a very large Peace Lily there, he likes to lay down under it and close by me. I actually put a folded up towel there, like a cushion for him.

Becky - Aw come on, you don't like 'Stinky Breath'?? It's applicable at times! ;)

Leofina - Aww thank you! This actually was posted on another site. People sent in photos and a bio of their pet, and the blogger posted them. I wanted to include it on mine as well. :)

Ro - Yeah, this cat is most definitely an 'attention-whore'! ;)

Jenny - Thought that counts, huh? Well, can I just say.. I could use a few less gifts! :)

John 8:36 PM, September 25, 2008  

Awww.: ) Now that's a comfortable little guy. : )

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