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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

I will come to you at night

>> Friday, October 31, 2008

"I'll come to you like an affliction and I'll leave you like an addiction."
~Henry Rollins

I will come to you at night
Under the blackest velvet of skies
With nary a whispered sound
To invade your slumbered sighs

I find my way with ease
Like a thief I silently tread
I beckon you from worlds apart
to the comfort of your bed

And only for a moment, you stir
While under your covers I slide
You're safe from all that breathe
Though from me, the Un-dead,
You can't hide.

I spin my web of unholy seduction
My gossamer threads - like a chain
My silken body - the majik spell
To cause you both pleasure and pain.

My presence, you feel, as you inhale me deeply
It's vanilla & musk you smell
You conjure me here from so deep within you
To experience this exquisite hell

As my fingers find you
and outline and define you
my nails run the length of your back

Your breath becomes labored
and ragged and weighted
All while under my sweetest attack

You thirst, You need, You crave
You flaunt

You ache for release
From this erotic onslaught

I assault your senses and leave you defenseless
In want for more of me
I continue to tease
and haunt you and taste you
'Til I hear that wondrous plea.

Then, and only then
Do we blend together
to crest that wave as one

Somewhere in the darkness, Hell's bell was heard
As a soul-less song was sang
It was then, my darling, at this very moment,
When you saw blood in my mouth, and fangs.

I never gave you a chance
To retreat from your stance
I knew right away, you were mine.

I let my teeth sink deep
into the warmth of your flesh
The taste of you,
oh so divine

I felt your spine shiver as you let me deliver
a pain to you so enticing
Your nectar so sweet, our love so complete
The nape of your neck so inviting.

"Right now its 6:55 A.M. and the sun will be rising in about 10 minutes. Coming right up,
Black Magic Woman from Santana, next up is..."

You reach over and fumble for the 'off' button, knocking a book to the floor.
Disoriented and shaken, you lie in bed.

All alone.
It takes you a minute to clear your head of the fog of your sleep and you wonder at the vividness of your dream. Your body feels clammy and tight and there's sweat on your brow. You shake your body in hopes of shaking off the nightmare you had. Trying to recall what your dream was about, vague flashes of silken skin, a warm mouth and knowing fingers, intertwines with a gnawing feeling of terror and a scream that could not escape your throat; and leaves you confused, aroused, bewildered, and excited all at once.
Confliction on polar ends of the spectrum.
Still bothered by your dream, you turn over on your side and sink deeper into the comfort of your covers, burrowing your head deeply in the spare pillow next to you.
You close your eyes in an effort to regain your composure when Vanilla and Musk wafts up to you from the pillow you sought comfort in.

© 2008 Greeneyezz

Happy Halloween! :)

17 Reflections:

Rolando 12:38 AM, October 31, 2008  

Wow, that's hot and scary at the same time :)

It's me! 4:22 AM, October 31, 2008  

What he said, but I'd rather it be a male? lol

uneasysupplicant 6:10 AM, October 31, 2008  

Trying to recall what your dream was about, vague flashes of silken skin, a warm mouth and knowing fingers, intertwines with a gnawing feeling of terror and a scream that could not escape your throat; and leaves you confused, aroused, bewildered, and excited all at once.

"Shades of Lilith? :-) Nicely done Greeneyezz.

And - a Happy Halloween to you to as well. I've got tons of candy and bars here...I figured I'd give out only one to each child. That should leave me with .. oh...1384 pieces of candy to chomp on. :-)


Jeffman 8:13 AM, October 31, 2008  

Nice lyrical waxing. Very nice indeed. I tip my trilby to such emotive prose, Greeneyezz.

Greeneyezz 11:17 AM, October 31, 2008  

Rolando - Good! I think I've hear those same words describe the movie sic Instinct"! Ha!

Gwen - Orrrrrrr, you can visualize *you* as the vixen?! ;)
I wasn't sure how this would come out as I don't usually write as racy as this, and certainly not Goth style, that's for sure! It also felt a bit Juvenile making sure everything rhythmed But I loved the photo I came across and it was perfect for today. :)

JD - Slight shades of Lilith. ;)
Like I said, just save me at least one PB Cup. ;)~~

Jeffman - Awww, thank you for you nice comment! I took a trip to the dark side...not one that I usually go to often, so I think I was aiming for Shock effect! ;)


meleah rebeccah 1:50 PM, October 31, 2008  

Happy Halloween

GingerSnaps 3:58 PM, October 31, 2008  

That is exquisite...

Happy Halloween!

Rowr! ;)


Rolando 11:28 PM, October 31, 2008  

Any victims tonight ZZ?

confused 10:51 AM, November 01, 2008  

wonderful combination of passion and flowed so well and had me hooked ...:))

Greeneyezz 1:36 PM, November 01, 2008  

Meleah - Thanks for stopping by! :) I hope your Halloween was a good one for you.

Ginger - 'Rowr' is Right! ;) I'm glad you liked it! :)

Ro - Now, you got my tweet to you, and I *did* receive your response. The only thing I can say is *As raise one arched eyebrow and lick at the dried blood from the corner of my mouth* Who's next?

Robert - Thanks! :)
Ya sure you want to use the word "hooked" with me? I might have 'other' items in my arsenal better suited for this
Goulish tryst. *Throws head back hautily and evily laughs* ;)


Rolando 3:43 PM, November 01, 2008  

Ahh that felt good. Do it again on the other side, lol

Speedcat Hollydale 11:42 PM, November 01, 2008  


I had a dream like this one night while camping in the Goobie Dessert Cup.
Where is the candy dish .... or should I not ask???

Collio button over there on the left .... ((((smile))))

Brunetta 1:26 AM, November 02, 2008  

Hm-m-m-m....... Greeneyezz OR MistressZZ????
Vanilla and musk- must be Givenchy
Organza Indecence!
Erotic and creepy all rolled into one. Good job.

confused 3:34 PM, November 02, 2008  

mmm yes hooked wasn't the the term now that you pointed that out..:))

Speedcat Hollydale 10:13 PM, November 02, 2008  

hi Robert ...

Greeneyezz - I am still WAITING!!

gettin scared now :-)

I am 7:19 AM, November 03, 2008  

Wow..It's cool picture and I really happy to know you.Happy halloween

Erina Hart 10:37 PM, November 03, 2008  

This was a great Halloween treat! I just went shopping for discount costume stuff today so I was still in the mood for some Halloween delights :)

And while this isn't your usual writing style, I do quite like it. A nice, lyrical rhythm.

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