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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Where will I be....

>> Friday, November 21, 2008

This Weekend??

The above photo of grapes was taken by me during a previous jaunt to the Fingerlakes. Those are Cabernet Sauvignon.

At the Seneca Lake's Christmas-Themed "Deck The Halls" Wine Tour.
It's a wine tour around the largest of all the Beautiful Finger Lake's.
Click on the link to find out the particulars. It's a blast and I've gone the last 13 years.

Below is a detailed map of all the wineries "participating". Click on the link to make it much larger. If you are looking for the specific website for each Winery listed, you'll find it here.

(For detail, click on pic to make larger)

Anyway.... If you look to the Top Right on my sidebar ----------->
You'll notice the group of small pics, taken with my camera phone.
That's Twitpic, and I absolutely LOVE this little widget!
It gives me the opportunity to upload a camera phone picture, here, and in Real-Time, as it's happening.
It's definitely more a 'Mini-blogging tool', a visual blog of my happenings.
Please feel free to stop back over the weekend to see pics in real time of my weekend, as it unfolds.
With 33 Wineries that I'll be attending this weekend, I'm bound to catch a few 'unique' shots. :) You can also click on the "View my photos" at the bottom of those pics, as I'm certain I'll be taking more than three pics, so the others will be in that photo 'archive'.

So that's going to be *my* weekend. What about you??? What are you all doing for this Weekend?
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16 Reflections:

It's you know who! 9:07 AM, November 21, 2008  

From the looks of it, shoveling snow!

P.S. Have a great time! :)

confused 10:17 AM, November 21, 2008  

a little wine..( oh Okay maybe more than a little) a little fun sounds like a great weekend..:)

Anonymous 1:22 PM, November 21, 2008  

Have a great time, be safe, and please have a glass or two for me.


Greeneyezz 1:55 PM, November 21, 2008  

Youknowwho - Awww that's ok. It'll make it seem even more like Christmas. It'll be a fun time.
It always is! :)

Robert - Yeah, "A lot" is more like it. Good thing I only do this once a year.
Ok, maybe twice. :)

mdm!!! - HEY!! You! What a wonderful surprise to see you post here! How about a bottle or two?? I usually use this time to restock my wine rack. It's been pretty bare lately. :)


It's you know who! 6:16 PM, November 21, 2008  

Re: shoveling snow, I was responding to the question at the end of your post!

("So that's going to be *my* weekend. What about you??? What are you all doing for this Weekend?")

lol. :)

Greeneyezz 6:24 PM, November 21, 2008  


I obviously read that wrong! HA!
But from looking at it out there, it looks like I too may need to bring a shovel, just to make my way to each winery! lol


uneasysupplicant 7:30 PM, November 21, 2008  

Now THAT is a nice shot! Have a great weekend...lucky.


Rolando 12:07 AM, November 22, 2008  

Ah man I'm so jealous! Wish I could come. I was gonna wear my elk outfit too. Oh well, I'll have to catch you next time.

Have fun and drive safe :)

It's you know who! 8:24 PM, November 24, 2008  

Wow, I guess you do like wine! lol Nice. Glad you had a good time. Did you see a lot of Amish/Mennonite horse and buggys out and about on Sunday? Last time I was in that area on Sunday, I was amazed at how many I saw! :)

John 3:46 PM, November 25, 2008  

Hey, I AM *NOT* drinking any f**king Merlot!! Anybody orders Merlot, I'm leaving!


Hope you had a great time Donna. I guessing it couldn't have been all bad. ; )

Greeneyezz 4:22 PM, November 25, 2008  

HA! I loved Loved LOVED that movie!! Lmao the whole time through. In part because Paul Giamatti looks exactly like our consulting psychiatrist! Exactly. I even suggested him to go see it.

Sideways Tour Map

On a separate note, John, I was so touched my your sentiment. The song was perfect (I loved it!) and I know it took you a while to put that all together. I guess I'm saying I really appreciate the effort you put in it.
I notice when someone takes the time and effort for something. It means more to me knowing you took the time.
It's beautiful and everyone was excited too!
You're the best! You really are. I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful.


Greeneyezz 4:42 PM, November 25, 2008  

Oh, and John,
Do you have any idea what that movie did for the sale of Pinot Noir?? Unbelievable!

Check out this article:

And get a look at Paul Giammatti there too! I'd swear that was our consulting psychiatrist.
Too funny!


Greeneyezz 4:50 PM, November 25, 2008  

JD - Thanks! I like how it came out too. :)

Rolando - You??? Jealous?? Ye who lives in California??? ahem...I'd take a California Red, specifically Bogle Zinfandel over any red in NY. :)


Awake In Rochester 3:52 AM, November 29, 2008  

Hello neighbor!

I haven't visited wineries in years! It a nice idea.

I feel in love with Canandaigua Lake. It beautiful! It's now my favorite vacation spot, "The Chosen Spot" Have you ever been to Naples for their Grape Fest? I really like the grape pie at "Linda's" stand. I pass by it on the way.

I hope that you enjoy your trip and the wines.

Awake In Rochester 4:42 AM, November 29, 2008  

By the way I like your blog, it's lovely!

Speedcat Hollydale 1:13 PM, November 29, 2008  

I WANT so badly to be able to publish pictures from location to my blog!
I can't attatch a photo in a web email with my old phone.

Rolando's "Elk Outfit"??? / LMAO !!!

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