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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Wordless Wednesday

>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

***EDITED 6/19/09***

35908. Rattler
by Greeneyezz14, 6/19/09 18:16 ET

I don't understand why your thread was removed. There was nothing in it, so far, that would have been inappropriate.

However, I was able to 'capture it' for you:

35903. For LoSqualo: by Rattler36,
6/19/09 12:24 ET 35883. Well... by Rattler36, 6/19/09 12:12 ET
Re: boycott Olive Garden by LoSqualo, 6/19/09

...if I have to get a life, then I don't want a life that I can live with...I want a life that I cannot live without. I know...I know...that was your line. I am guilty of plagiarism.

On a serious note, if the only people that have a beef are ARod and flight attendants, then where does Palin's daughter fit into all of this?

It is not OK to call the Rutgers women's basketball "nappy headed-hos", yet it is basically OK to insinuate the same exact thing about Palin's daughter.

When Don Imus says something inappropriate about 18-22 year old women, Al Sharpton and the left wing come a runnin'.

However, when David Letterman says something inappropriate about an 18 year old woman, Sharpton and the left wing are nowhere in sight. Saying that someone got "knocked up" is basically the same as calling her a whore. A battle of semantics? I think not.

Could it be because the 18 year old woman's mother is a Republican governor from Alaska?

This is a clear case of discrimination. It is OK to poke fun as long as the RIGHT (pun intended) people are selected.

As far as news is concerned, you can call every bit of it snooze because it is what it is. Our news media reaps what it sows.


35903.2. please leave a message by LoSqualo,
6/19/09 17:17 ET Re: For LoSqualo: by Rattler36, 6/19/09
lo squalo is vacationing and not engaging in any discussion that would kill a buzz


(My response to Losqualo)

35903.2.1. "to engage the shark and not jump it"by Greeneyezz14,
6/19/09 17:55 ET
Re: For LoSqualo: by Rattler36, 6/19/09

I can only speak for myself here. If I thought you could engage in an intelligent conversation/debate without regressing to name-calling, condensending, belittling, or other knuckle-scraping behavior and able to respond in a more adult-like and responsible fashion, I would have no problem engaging, as a matter of fact, I would welcome it.

However, your track-record on here, leads me to believe that you often tend to Confuse 'belittling others' with demonstrating competence.

The two are very different Losqualo.

But if you'd like to think that I had... 'jumped it', then I guess...

'I am what you think I am.'

Enjoy your buzz Losqualo. I'm about ready to steam another lobster and clams again. And I'll probably be working on a buzz myself shortly.

A happy father's day to you as well.




Censorship sucks.

Can I just say...umm, I think Millie says it best: is by far THEE Most Elegantly stated form of that Beautiful act I have ever seen!

A word (Two to be exact) from me, about censorship:

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