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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

I will come to you at night

>> Friday, October 31, 2008

"I'll come to you like an affliction and I'll leave you like an addiction."
~Henry Rollins

I will come to you at night
Under the blackest velvet of skies
With nary a whispered sound
To invade your slumbered sighs

I find my way with ease
Like a thief I silently tread
I beckon you from worlds apart
to the comfort of your bed

And only for a moment, you stir
While under your covers I slide
You're safe from all that breathe
Though from me, the Un-dead,
You can't hide.

I spin my web of unholy seduction
My gossamer threads - like a chain
My silken body - the majik spell
To cause you both pleasure and pain.

My presence, you feel, as you inhale me deeply
It's vanilla & musk you smell
You conjure me here from so deep within you
To experience this exquisite hell

As my fingers find you
and outline and define you
my nails run the length of your back

Your breath becomes labored
and ragged and weighted
All while under my sweetest attack

You thirst, You need, You crave
You flaunt

You ache for release
From this erotic onslaught

I assault your senses and leave you defenseless
In want for more of me
I continue to tease
and haunt you and taste you
'Til I hear that wondrous plea.

Then, and only then
Do we blend together
to crest that wave as one

Somewhere in the darkness, Hell's bell was heard
As a soul-less song was sang
It was then, my darling, at this very moment,
When you saw blood in my mouth, and fangs.

I never gave you a chance
To retreat from your stance
I knew right away, you were mine.

I let my teeth sink deep
into the warmth of your flesh
The taste of you,
oh so divine

I felt your spine shiver as you let me deliver
a pain to you so enticing
Your nectar so sweet, our love so complete
The nape of your neck so inviting.

"Right now its 6:55 A.M. and the sun will be rising in about 10 minutes. Coming right up,
Black Magic Woman from Santana, next up is..."

You reach over and fumble for the 'off' button, knocking a book to the floor.
Disoriented and shaken, you lie in bed.

All alone.
It takes you a minute to clear your head of the fog of your sleep and you wonder at the vividness of your dream. Your body feels clammy and tight and there's sweat on your brow. You shake your body in hopes of shaking off the nightmare you had. Trying to recall what your dream was about, vague flashes of silken skin, a warm mouth and knowing fingers, intertwines with a gnawing feeling of terror and a scream that could not escape your throat; and leaves you confused, aroused, bewildered, and excited all at once.
Confliction on polar ends of the spectrum.
Still bothered by your dream, you turn over on your side and sink deeper into the comfort of your covers, burrowing your head deeply in the spare pillow next to you.
You close your eyes in an effort to regain your composure when Vanilla and Musk wafts up to you from the pillow you sought comfort in.

© 2008 Greeneyezz

Happy Halloween! :)


Haunted Places in Syracuse Area

>> Monday, October 27, 2008

I had done a post 2 years ago on local areas in Central New York that are 'supposedly' Haunted.
Gathered from local resources. Since that time, that posting has become my all time Number one post that a search is done on, to reach my blog. It has been hit on over and over, from mostly those in New York State, several from areas in the North East of the United States and still, quite a few from California to Russia, to Ireland and all over Europe.
Given the popularity of this post, and the time of year it is, the search for Haunted places in Central New York has increased the past several weeks.

For this reason, I thought I'd re-include the link to this, for those locally, who may visit my blog.
Halloween is on a Friday. Why not take a night or two to frequent some of these spots.
Bring along some Hot Spiced Cidar (or if you'd like, do it ZZ-Style, with a generous splash of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and a Cinnamon stick stirrer). :)

And given that this will be an anuual post, if anyone knows of any other haunted places, locally, that are not on the list or in the comment section of that post, please feel free to include them in the comments here, as this will be on-going.

Haunted Places in Syracuse & Central New York.

© 2008 Greeneyezz



>> Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Embrace Change.
For nothing will ever stay.
What might be Platinum tomorrow,
Started out as only Gold today."

Footnote: The above photo was taken while hiking up Ampersand Mountain in the Adirondack High Peak Region. That is indeed frost that you see along it's outline. At the time when I saw this, shining rays of sunlight were streaming down and as they kissed those frosted leaves, they sparkled like tiny shimmering diamonds. Unfortunately, my camera was unable to capture that sparkling splendour.

© 2008 Greeneyezz


A 'Teaser' of my weekend!

>> Monday, October 20, 2008

This was my weekend!
We are on the summit of Ampersand Mountain in the Adirondack High Peak Region.
However, being that I am exhausted from a weekend of Mountain climbing, late night cocktails, and early morning risings, I'm too tired to put together any kind of meaningful post at this point. I just thought I'd give you a *teaser* as to the vista I had witnessed, and unfortunately, even this picture doesn't do the view justice!

A more thorough post with some incredible photos will be coming.
In the meantime, I've off to bed for the night.

Sweet Dreams! :)

© 2008 Greeneyezz



>> Friday, October 17, 2008

...And a Cast of Characters

Please watch the video first before reading my story.

Can I just say.... I Love that video
Ok, there's a local forum I sometimes frequent. The other day, someone was making a comment about the twisted humor in there and that perhaps a sitcom could be made. The premise would be similar in fashion to Seinfeld, a show about nothing, but the cast of characters would be derived from the regulars on this forum. Humorous indeed when one thinks of a few of the characters *already* in play on that board.
Well then someone else chimed in with the idea of developing all the characters and how fun it would be if that was all played out, with each one discovering the real person behind the character. That was followed by another comment that each person would need to disclose One Pertinent fact about themselves, for the sake of the sitcom, that would 'shock' the others, upon first meeting.
Of course, this is when I decided to insert my twisted humor with:
"You mean like, I'm *really* a man. With Brown eyes, no less??"


Of course, I know I got a few chuckles out of that one, but for those who may not have actually met me face-to-face yet, they *really* don't know for sure!
That would qualify as a 'shocker', I'm certain!
Shortly after this, another regular, had started a new thread, same topic though. He had met me before and wanted to testify that I indeed was *not* a guy. That I was just then a woman, pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman.
I had to laugh cause I was able to follow that.

Anyway, I posted that video, as my response.

Moral of my story??

You just never know! :)

© 2008 Greeneyezz


Obama or Mccain? You decide.

>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

A friend had sent this to me (Thanks P.), and in light of Last Night's Debate, I thought I'd post the link here to it. They are based on the comments that each has made regarding several key issues our country faces.

According to my views, I am more closely aligned with Obama. (That really doesn't surprise me.)
The break down of my views, by alignment with candidate, looks like this:

Mccain - Ecconomy, Immigration

Obama - Iraq, Health, and Hot topics.

Try it for yourself and see what you come up with.

Obama - Mccain Match-O-Matic II

© 2008 Greeneyezz


ZZ's Law

>> Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ever had the experience of waiting for the infamous pot to boil, but it doesn't...
Until you walk away?

Ever had the experience of doing search-a-word puzzle, finding the mis-spelled word on a (Non-Computer) document, or some other thing you had been searching for a long time for, only to find that the next person to pick it up, finds it immediately?

Ever wonder where the hell your car keys are, only to discover they're in your purse after all?

Ever had the experience of reading someones blog that you enjoy reading, And then you don't stop by for a couple days, only to find that when you return, you had been given an award in your absence?

Ever have that happen?
Occurrences like that have at times, become so commonplace that it's been enacted into a Law, much similar to Murphy's Law.
It's become ZZ's Law.

And true to form of what ZZ's Law entails, I had received this award from A simply wonderful Poet and gentleman,
Robert from Black Tie and Sneakers.
Please check out his writing, it's wonderful, sensitive, and full of meaning.
So, I was pleasantly surprised when I had wandered back to his blog after a couple days hiatus, to discover this little smile producing award. Thanks Swee'pea!
*Pssssst Robert* I wanna hang it on my refrigerator door! ;)

And, as what is customary, I pass on this legacy by bestowing this little award to a few others that I read including:

~ John from Buddha on the Road
~ Jen from Run Jen Run
~ Rolando from My Hush Space
~ Emma from Emma Alvarez
~ Adam from Avitable
~ Joanne from the laid.back buddhist
~ Dawg from A Pile of Dog Bones

Each one of you have a special talent with your blogs, whether it be:
Writing (Joanne) ,
Introspective Questions (Rolando),
Soothing Mindfulness (John),
Creativity (Emma) ,
Cereal Expertise (Dawg),
Humorous (Jen),
or even down-right shocking (Adam!) ;)~~
You all have peaked my interest in reading you.
And if any of you have already received this before (as I've seen it float around)....
Tough! Deal with it, K? :)
And I don't care if that's another Murphy's Law either!

And Speaking of Murphy's Law,
One of the more humorous Murphy's Laws I've come across is...
"If you make it idiot proof, someone will make a better idiot."

If Anyone has a humorous, ironic, or very true Law of their own, please feel free to post it in the comment section. I'd love to hear about it.

And who the hell was Murphy anyway??

© 2008 Greeneyezz


With Your Guidance

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I make my way down this quiet sidewalk.
Every step of my way, I'm guided by you.
Those strong arms of yours
reach from such a distance though envelops me completely.
Protecting me with your celestial powers.

I round the corner.
For a moment I thought I lost you.
But there you were,
Ever present.
You were just playing
peek-a-boo with me through that huge oak tree.

I see you.

Your golden limbs
reach down and grazes each blade of grass I walk through
In awe I turn my face up
and feel you caress my cheek.
I'm engulfed by you.

Under your protection.
I make it home.

The above photo was taken by me at approximately 8:24 PM October 14, 2008. It is an unretouched photo of the Hunter Moon.
There are alternate names for each moon with in a month. This full moon is called The Hunter's Moon. This moon follows the Harvest Moon, is essentially the first full moon that is closest to the Autumn Equinox that occurred on September 22. Both the Harvest Moon and the Hunter Moon are seen as special due to both moons 'appearing' much brighter, larger and lower hanging than the other 10 moons within the year. Though they aren't any different in size or brightness, they are unique due to both of them rising about a half hour earlier than what's typical Moon-rise time. This provides more light for a longer period of time. This 'additional light' was used by farmers to pick their crops and by men to hunt for food. Hence, the names Harvest Moon and Hunter's Moon.

© 2008 Greeneyezz


72 Eyelashes & A Poetic Bloodline

>> Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I found this on a different site and wanted to post it here.
While I'm not a fan of this 'style' of poetry, this gentleman's unconventional approach, style and content really got me.

(For the above video, for those who may not be aware, his use of 'Red' and 'Blue' is in reference to The Bloods and The Cryps, respectively. The two world-wide known largest gangs and 'eternal' archenemies of eachother.)

© 2008 Greeneyezz


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Summit of Mount Jo 9/24/10 A few friends were worried about me. They were worried about me hiking Mount Jo by myself, so I took this video to show how many people were around that day if I needed assistance. I even chatted with several and had a few people share a glass of wine with me at the summit. :) Mount Jo. 9/24/10 After the crowd left This is what the summit looked like... with no people on it. In the previous video I took, I showed all the people who had made this same hike to her summit.
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