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Adirondacks 2008 - A photo Essay

>> Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last Autumn I had taken a trip to the Adirondacks for a long four day weekend. We climbed Ampersand Mountain. Though not considered one of the '46 High Peaks', as it comes in at
3352 ft., it's still a great climb, offering wonderful Vistas at the top. It's the tallest mountain near Saranac Lake.

Below is a picture I captured of my niece. Behind one of the trees you'll catch a glimpse of P., one of my friends, as we make our way up the mountain.

My niece is quite the ham, always ready to quickly pose for a pic. Behind her, P.

Below are a few Cairns that people had built along the way. Because Ampersand is already a clearly marked trail, this really wasn't necessary, but appeared to be a place where many stopped along the way.

On the way up. My niece, my sister Brunetta, and P. To the right of them was a Huge slab of Rock that we had to go around to continue on the trail.

The trail is pretty rocky. And the angle of the next three photos give an idea as to the angle of climb we had.

A large tree that had fallen on the trail. Sometimes it's easier to walk along the side.

Brunetta using the roots of the trees to hoist herself up. Sometimes the Rock gets pretty slippery, especially when wet, muddy, or has moss growing on it.

I like this photo. I like how the roots of that tree have literally grown around the rock. Kind of amazing it hadn't fallen over yet.

Not quite at the Peak. Coming across false Peaks are pretty common when climbing.

My niece and P. at the Peak! It's always very windy on top.

One of the Rewards for this hard work....The vista. This photo doesn't do it justice. Unfortunately the day was a bit hazy, as you can see from here. I'm looking forward to bringing my new Canon Rebel Camera next year and plan on buying a tripod and decent Wide-angle lens before then.

Another view from the apex. It's breathtaking up here.

While at the top, we had come across a gentleman who had come up with his dog. He was kind enough to take a photo of the four of us, including his dog.

The next two pictures below is the other 'Reward' we get for our hard work....

These are The U.S Coast & Geodetic Survey Markers that are on the top of all mountains. They are there to show the U.S. documented Height. It's kind of neat to walk around the the Peak of a Mountain you just Bagged, to find this little treat.

"The Hermit of Ampersand"
Walter Channing Rice was a man who watched over a fire tower on Ampersand Mountain from 1915 to 1923. He was known as The Hermit of Ampersand and below is a Bronzed Plaque in his honor that is Cemented to a part of the Rock on the Peak of this mountain. To reach it, one has to climb down a large boulder and make a quick jump across a crevice to an adjacent Boulder, both of which are at the top.

On the way down! Below, my niece....obviously the youngest of the four of us, is seen carrying BOTH my backpack *and* her mother's!! What a Trooper!!! :)

WhiteFace Mountain

The following day we took a trip to Whiteface Mountain. No mountain climbing this time, one mountain is enough! Whiteface is 4867 ft. high and 5th in height to The 46'rs. It's considered 'The Sacrificial Lamb" because though 5th in height, it was the 1st in Development. One can drive to almost the peak and then take an elevator to the top. There's a restaurant there. This is because it is *this* mountain that was used for both the 1930 and 1980 Winter Olympics.
Below is the marker for 'Little Whiteface' which is the smaller of the two peaks.

We took a Gondola Ride up Whiteface. The next two photos are pictures on the way up the Gondola.

Many of the other peaks of the 'Dacks can be seen in the distance.

I was standing on top of 'Little Whiteface' while taking a picture of Whiteface above. If you look to the left on the ground, you'll see four people there, giving you an idea of the Ratio. Keep in mind that we are already up 3678 ft. when taking this photo.

I'm already looking forward to next Autumn when we again will be staying in Lake Placid area for a week of Mountain climbing and relaxation.

© 2009 Greeneyezz

10 Reflections:

It's you know who! 1:55 AM, February 11, 2009  

Great pictures! I love Whiteface, and camping at Wilmington Notch campground. Never could I take that gondola ride though! I'm afraid of heights. The gondola scares me to death. I'd rather have my feet on the ground! Even walking down the trail at the top of Whiteface, my legs shook lol.

I love Wilmington. The AuSable River, the town park, the covered bridge not far away...Santa's workshop. I love that village, it's not so touristy like Old Forge.

Last year, I was going to go eat at the Hungry Trout, but every year it seems I miss it. Maybe this year. Have you ever been there to eat? I've heard it is great.

Speedcat Hollydale 12:57 PM, February 11, 2009  

Awesome ... simply awesome!

John 1:12 PM, February 11, 2009  

RE" "...Below are a few Cairns that people had built along the way

OMG! It's the Blair Witch! Run! RUN!

; )

Great pics! The view from the summit is awesome! Thanks for sharing, looks like a great time.

delmer 4:22 PM, February 11, 2009  

Beautiful photos.

I'd swear I've taken a picture of a Survey Marker recently ... I think when I visited my parents in December. Naturally, I can't find it now.

Greeneyezz 9:47 PM, February 11, 2009  

IYKW! - Aww, the gondola ride wasn't that high up. It stays pretty consitent in height the how way up. :)
We plan on checking out The AuSable River when we return next Autumn. We actually drove past The Hungry Trout last year, had heard it was supposed to be good, but didn't stop by there. Another place on our itineray. We're staying for a week this time so there will be lots to catch. :)

Speedy - It *is* such an Awesome feeling once you reach the Summit! Very cool indeed. :)

John - Can I just say....once you mentioned Blair ALL came back to me!!! Damn you! ;)

It kills me how much money they made on that movie! It was such a low-budget film ($22,000) and as of 1/20/08, it grossed $248,639,099!! (I googled.) :)

Delmer - A survey marker at your parents? In Kentucky? And why for, may I ask?


Awake In Rochester 5:42 PM, February 12, 2009  


It's good to see you blogging again neighbor!

I've never been to the Adirondacks. It looks lovely. You have some good photos. Some of the view is amazing.

Hey, I think I see you, *waving* Your very pretty. ;)

Thanks for the tip on the camera. I don't have the money now, but need to get a good one when I do.

lexus 10:53 PM, February 16, 2009  

Very nice, ZZ I enjoyed the trip and didn't have to carry a backpack. lol The sweet dog looks as if she is saying "What I am doing here?" cute


Brunetta 11:53 PM, February 20, 2009  

You know what made the trip down that mountain easier? Thinking about the hot apple cider with it's friend, Captain Morgan, waiting for me at that fine cabin we were staying at.

Ricardo 5:30 PM, February 23, 2009  

Hey there. I wanted to give a big thank you for stopping by the blog and commenting. These are great pictures. I had a friend who i've lost contact with make go to the Adirondacks every year with his wife. We just lost contact, he didn't get lost up there or anything. LOL! They loved it up there.

Greeneyezz 7:38 AM, February 24, 2009  

AIR - I kinda go in spurts when writing.
You could easily make it up to the 'Dacks, being only 1 1/2 hrs from Syracuse. It's very picturesque and serene. I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

Lexus - That made me laugh!! lol A Virtual Hike! I love it! :)
The dog really seemed to enjoy himself.

Brunetta - Yep, The Cap'n is a Very Good Friend! :)
And next year, he'll be waiting for us by the Hot Tub! :)

Ricardo - Thanks for swinging by here to say hello! :)
And I'm glad that your friends weren't actually 'lost' up in them there mountains! There's Bears up there! :)


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