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Simple Things

>> Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sometimes I am amazed by the simplest of things.
I recently bought this very neat kitchen gadget.

The Garlic Press.

One would think I would have had one by now, being that I'm, ya know,...full Italian.
One would think.

Very simple to use without getting some serious garlic smell on your fingers. Simply pop a whole fresh garlic clove into the little chamber...
...and squeeze the handle down till it presses the garlic easily through the holes. All that's left is just the outer part of the clove, which is easily removed with a knife.

Any left over garlic clogging the holes are easily removed by flipping the handle over so that the side with the red bumps fits nicely through each hole, dislodging it. Clean up is a breeze.
And what did I use this very fresh aromatic garlic for??
I added a mix of several Italian herbs and spices that I had previously made up, and then poured some Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Only extra virgin will do) and mixed it all up.

And of course dipped a hunk of fresh Italian Bread into it.

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3 Reflections:

John 10:16 AM, March 23, 2009  

OMG, yum. : )) OO and bread. : )

delmer 1:24 PM, March 23, 2009  

I recently purchased a large jar of minced garlic. Is that just as good or almost as good as the fresh-pressed stuff? Or is it sacrilege to use it?

It's you know who! 12:10 PM, March 24, 2009  

One thing I want to point out, is please watch where your garlic is coming from. A lot of it comes from China! They have done studies and shown it has contained arsenic and lead. They import it here very cheaply. Buy garlic from either locally or from California.

Even the bottled garlic, if it says "Product of Canada," then it is coming from China in raw form. Just google it. Look for garlic that has roots on the bottom, Chinese garlic doesn't according to several websites.

And read this!

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