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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

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>> Saturday, April 18, 2009

Most who visit here are already aware of my photoblog. Noooooo....not the one of my 'real time' camera phone pics on top right sidebar -------->
That one's just mindless snapshots of my day.
The photoblog I'm talking about is located at the top of my page, in the center linkbar, called "ZZ's Photos'.
As I get more into photography I'll be posting more and more photos there.
For those who may not already be aware, there are many sites out there that offer regular weekly Photography Challenges. These challenges, which are centered around a weekly theme, enables all those interested in this art, whether from the perspective of the photographer or an admirer of beautiful photos, to participate by submitting their own photo and/or voting on the ones they like.
From what I've come across, the talent runs a spectrum of very Novice to very Professional, and all points inbetween. I consider myself most definitely Novice. :)
I've submitted a few along the way. I like the idea of coming up with Creative ways to promote a specific theme, and it gives me a way to not only view some incredible work from others, but also to develop my own ability.
I'm posting this because I recently 'won' a photo Challenge from Unique Exposures. Their theme for that week was 'Wood'. Photos are submitted and then voted on. The top 'winners' are then announced on the Next week's Themed Challenge.

Because I was surprised I would even be considered, I hadn't given it much thought. (Believe me...I've seen some of the Incredible and awe inspiring works of several photographers who enter into these challenges.) Some have left me speechless, as they are definitely Professional Photographers of some sort.

Not all photos I post in my photo blog will be for challenges. You'll notice if I had entered it by the inclusion of that site's 'Avatar' that links to the specific Themed Challenge. I'll also state it's a challenge and will have 'tagged' it as so.

Though I don't always post here, that I've updated my photo blog, I think I may, if I enter into a specific Challenge. If I do enter, I'm encouraging you all to check out the photo I entered, along with the others that have entered the same challenge. If you like mine, please vote for me. If you like someone else's, definitely vote for them. The Challenges are usually only a few days to a full week long, and when it's's closed.

I've also added a separate list of Photography Challenge sites to my sidebar. You'll notice them just above the regular blog sites.

One last thing. I have entered into another challenge for this week. This one is from Who Do You Love, with the theme "Architecture". Please check it out.

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