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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Does a Bear Sh*t in the Woods?

>> Saturday, June 20, 2009

How about:

Why..... did the Bear cross the road??


Why..... does ZZ have the telephoto on her camera (read: Wrong Lens) when first coming across this Momma Bear and her cub??

The answers to these questions can be found below...

- Yes. Where else are they going to go?

- Because a bear can do whatever she damn well pleases!

- Because that's just how ZZ rolls!

My sister Brunetta and I were coming back from some sight-seeing adventure in the Lake Placid Region of The Adirondacks when I rounded one of the million bends in this twisty-turning road to come eye-to-eye *that* Bear with her cub behind her.
Mind you...I had to slam on the brakes in my car. Why??
Because someone forgot to put up a Bear Crossing Sign!
Silly me.

Momma Bear & her cub were about as close to me and my car as I have *ever* had a wild and dangerous animal near me. And I had the wrong lens on my camera! Imagine that!
So, while I'm cursing and frantically trying to change my lens, she's now crossed our path completely and they were making their way into the woods.

And you know the reason *why* this photo is so grainy?
Because I had to crop it from the original that *now* had her looking like a little brown spec. That's right folks! ZZ had the wrong lens when first coming across this Beauty, and in the chaos of the moment, like switching the lens, which took too long, so Now she was too far away!
Like I said... I roll that way.

Brunetta was trying to find the upside to my dismay by adding that at least I got to see it with my own eyes and experience it.
She's right, you know.
Damn it.

Aside from this photo, I have several others of my recent trip to Lake Placid. You'll find them here: ZZ's Photos.

I actually had taken several shots of this bear with her cub.
Of course, the rest of them looked more like a Sasquatch sighting.

That's because I roll that way.

© 2009 Greeneyezz

5 Reflections:

It's you know who! 8:19 PM, June 20, 2009  

that's how i saw the first one up there, i rounded a bend and one about a year old ran into the center of the road, stopped looked at me and the car stopped in the other lane, then continued across. lol all the traffic was stopped..

the 2 others in the car were sleeping and they were startled by my exclaimations of a BEAR! and only got to see the tail end of it running into the woods...

that was probably 20 years ago, since then i've had several encounters with them, from sitting on my foot to climbing up on the other side of the picnic table from me...(at Limekiln State Park in Inlet-they used to have a huge bear problem but now they use steel lockers and it's much less of a problem now)

the only time i saw mother and 2 cubs up close was at mccauley mountain in old forge, we came down from the chair lift and they were down there eating not far from us, pretty neat animals to see! :)

the word verification is "bears" lol

Greeneyezz 8:54 PM, June 20, 2009  


You're pulling *my* foot, right??? No hit & run Gwen, I wanna hear *that* story!!

And climbing ontop of the table?? What the hell did you do??
I know we're not supposed to run (they can actually run at top speeds of 35 mph, so that's outta the question.) I know you're supposed to back away slowly. And my guess is that he/she just wanted your food. (unless you were to be the main course.)

I had down-loaded some info on Bears due to me spending time in the 'Dacks. I remember when growing up and camping, we used to go to The Dump in Old Forge (I think) to see them. I've also seen them down the road, in a field,..basically a bit of a distance away. This was a first that she was soo close to me.

So, how did you manage to stay calm during all that, and how the hell did you manage to get a bear on your foot??!! Were you asleep or something??

It's you know who! 9:57 PM, June 20, 2009  

yeah, probably 15 years ago, i was in a tiny 2 person tent and feet reached the end of the tent..the bears were walking around and one plopped down on my foot! lol

i woke up and said WTH??! and they went running (crashing) off daughter had been awake listening to their hooting..and wandering around in our site...she was petrified, i was just very sleepy...i later found out bacon grease had been dumped there by a neighboring campsite the day before we got there...we slept in the back of my truck under the cap the rest of those nights lol...

if you know anyone who has camped at limekiln in the last 15 or 20 years, they can tell you a bear there would be a very common get used to it, they're just looking for food, that's all...i wouldn't be scared unless it was a mother and cub, then i'd be a little hesitant to get too close..

a few years ago, young guys used to wrestle black bears at the northeastern sports show at the fairgrounds, until peta stopped bears are not all that dangerous, you just have to respect them and if they want your food, let them have it. :)

there's only like one person in the last 100 and some years killed by a bear in NYS, and that was that child taken by a young bear from a stroller down by the catskills...just those stats right there prove they're just not that dangerous of an animal imo...

now other bears in other parts of the country, like grizzly or brown bears, are extremely dangerous imo and i would be afraid to camp in those areas..

It's you know who! 10:00 PM, June 20, 2009  

oh and when it came to the picnic table we just backed away...of course i didn't have my camera right there either...there were some young kids with us and i got in my truck with them until the bear left...a lot of people bang pots and pans together or bring a dog with them to keep the bears away...they're really not as scary as you think :)

Greeneyezz 11:21 AM, June 21, 2009  

Bacon grease?

Oh my. Gwen, you and your daughter are actually quite Lucky then. Can you imagine if that bacon grease somehow leaked onto your Sleeping Bag?? You'd be Sammichs for the Bears.... a la Gary Larson's 'Far Side'!! ;)

I'm aware of making noice by banging pots and such, and have actually done just that when coming across a tree that showed claw marks from a bear. (I didn't know how recent those marks were and wasn't going to take a chance!)

"...they're really not as scary as you think :)" <---ROFLMAO!
*crawls back to chair, rereads Gwen's comment and ROF Again!!*

Let me just say... a couple years back, I had pleaded (begged, actually) my BIL to let me bring up this decent Telescope that he had given to his son (my nephew.) Much pleading later, he allowed me to, explaining how to set it up.

You know how perfectly clear the night sky is in the 'Dacks?? I soo wanted to check out the stars up close with that telescope.

It was completely Pitch-Black one foot outside of our cabin. I had Spooked *myself* into worrying about a bear being out there, that I didn't take it out even once! (I made my sister promise not to tell her husband after all that pleading I did to take it in the first place!!!) lol I know I had just built it up in my own mind and spooked myself, but Still!! :)

My Brother is coming with us this Autumn, and I know he likes Astronomy. Maybe we can entice *him* to go out there and set it up for us!! (I'm Laughing 'cause I know he's gonna read this comment!!) ;)~~~

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