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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

The Curious Case of the Vanishing Concert Ticket - A Photo Re-enactment

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've been easing myself back into the world recently after the death of my niece. It's been a veritable struggle, as I'm still not able to post a tribute to her here, nor leave my thoughts on her Obituary's Guest Book yet.

Thank God for understanding friends!!

This brings me to the Great New York State Fair!

If it's one single event that seems to punctuate the 'end of summer' in Central New York, it's got to be The Great New York State Fair, which is always held here.
Yes I'll be going. I have to get my fill of Gyros and all that Fair food.

I started to think about last year's events at the fair, going to see Journey, which was headed up with REO Speedwagon and Heart first, a great triple-header of music.

To make a long story short, I lost my ticket. Grrr. I looked Everywhere for it!! Tore apart my entire place looking for it. My only assumption at that point was that it somehow got mixed in with paper that I threw out....weeks before. Ugh!

It vanished.



Thankfully, they were able to print another for me at the gate. I didn't think they would.

(Picture of 2nd ticket given to me)

And the wonderful and awesome friends I have, in their own humorous manner, sought to razz me about it.


As only friends can do.

Upon being given a 2nd copy of the ticket, Fosterdad2 saw fit to take a picture of it for me purely for razzing purposes.
This picture was again *just now* sent to me as a reminder.
He's a stinker like that.

So Months go by.

Several months.

Continue here...

I was doing some Spring Cleaning one weekend.

Yes. I said 'Spring Cleaning'.

I did say Months went by, didn't I?

The picture above is the Original Concert Ticket, along with the Replacement ticket that I had actually used that one fine sunny day last year.

So What the Hell happened to that ticket in the first place??!!

I'm so glad you asked. Come along with me, put your Sherlock hat on and grab your magnifying glass, I'll reenact it for you.

Please notice picture 1. The sewing machine is where I might place something that I didn't want to get lost but keep within eyesight. Please notice The Ticket on there.

Uh oh, what's this?
That's Bacchus, my cat.
What's he doing in my Re-enactment??
Mmmm... Let's watch for a little while, shall we?

He must have spotted yet another Ferocious Conquest! My Concert Ticket was about to go to it's own certain death, much like several pairs of earrings or other trinkets in the past.

AHAA!! He's got it on the floor. What's he gonna do with it now?? A little on edge and anxious, he's wondering where his owner is, Sooo.....

He looks to the Right!

He looks to the Left!

And before ZZ comes back with a spray bottle for being on the furniture, Bandit Bacchus quickly nudges MY concert ticket across the floor...

And proceeds to hide it Under the rug that's directly in front of the sewing machine!!

And with my Ticket now 'forever lost' under that rug, Bandit Burglar Bacchus 'innocently' prances away.

I can't even tell you how many hundreds of times I must have walked over that ticket and didn't know until I discovered it after rolling up that Oriental rug to clean under it.
Obviously I'm sending this link to everyone I had attended that concert with last year.

And Fosterdad2 will be the first one that list.

Ever lose something and tear the place apart looking for it, to not find it for several months??

© 2009 Greeneyezz

10 Reflections:

FosterDad 11:59 AM, August 29, 2009  

There is one and only one word that would be completely and utterly appropriate at this time....upon completely and thoroughly reading your blog post and having been the nerciless teaser about the ticket...all I can say is.....

wait for it.....


LMFAO...(the non green one)....




Anonymous 2:22 PM, August 29, 2009  


BTW love the photo reinactment.


Speedcat Hollydale 6:11 PM, August 29, 2009  

Classic ...

I have gone through the crazed and mind bending JOURNEY of re-tracing my steps and memory many many times. In fact, most people figure that loosing ( misplacing ) items will just be a given. OK - I get distracted a lot :-)
The photo sequence ROCKED ZZ ... way too good. It was almost as if kitty was acting for the camera. (( was she?? ))
My cat is very much similar to yours, and likes to hop on tables, desks, etc etc. Most days I get home and just drop mail and whatever is in my pockets where? "Tables desks etc etc"
Your post really made me laugh as this is very common here at the Hollydale Ranch.

he heeee

Ok, maybe it's NOT a ranch, but with a cat, two dogs, and two birds, it does feel like one sometimes.

Anyhoooo - so glad you did get to go to see the concert. sounds like a GREAT one !!! I have seen Journey and REO many moons ago, but have never seen Heart live.

Alluding to the first portion of this post, Speedy sends a BUNCHES of love your way. Seems like sometimes we as humans are so strong, and other times so fragile, vulnerable, and powerless as events unfold. My own heart knows the "under repair" process.

Big bear hugs,

Greeneyezz 8:34 PM, August 29, 2009  

Fosterdad - hehehe
Mercilessly, I say.
Mercilessly. ;)

T - I kid you NOT! I really did find it in the Springtime (April or May), that's like 8 or 9 months later. I had kept silent about it as when I was planning on, at that 2nd Murder/Mystery Dinner that fell through, I originally had planned on having a 'covered dish' on the table with those two tickets in it, for someone to discover it. Alas, I think this venue worked out a tad better. ;)

Eric - Don'tcha just HATE it when you lose something? Ugh! I had searched for 2 weeks, and must have walked on it countless times in that 2 week period. Sheesh!!
"It was almost as if kitty was acting for the camera. (( was she?? ))" ...
Don't pay any attention to the Man behind the curtain! (Obscure Wizard of Oz Quote) :)


JQP 9:08 AM, August 31, 2009  

Cats suck. They are evil. I think this just proves it.

Of course, maybe your cat has some musical taste . . . knew you should NOT be going to see <*GAG!*> Journey . . . hmmmmmmm, smart little kitty . . . .


Funny Story.

Greeneyezz 9:59 AM, August 31, 2009  


Great to see your font!!

..It's been a long time...

Aw come on, you don't like Journey? They, along with the other two, were a staple of our teen years! How can you not??
Steve Perry, the lead vocal is gone from the band, tho the replacement is some young Asian guy with the same long black hair as Steve and the Same Identical Singing voice too! As a matter of fact, if you were just listening to him with your eyes closed, I'm sure you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. (I'm sure that's why they got him.)

Anyway, Yeah, my cat's a stinker, no doubt. I laughed the entire time I did that post too. :)


delmer 9:25 AM, September 03, 2009  

That's funny. (I mean, since it turned out well and you got to see the concert.) No catnip for the kitty tonight!

I "lost" six Springsteen tickets back during The River tour (c. 1980). We had a built-in book shelf in our hallway that had mirrors on the back of it. One day I was walking down the hall, looked at a picture or two in the book case, and saw the reflection of the tickets behind a picture frame.

I found the tickets a week prior to the concert, so I (and my friends) were still good to go.

meleah rebeccah 7:56 AM, October 15, 2009  

Photo re-enactments rock! And this was a great read.

I am very sorry to hear about the death of your niece. You take all the time you need to heal!


Becky 10:04 AM, October 20, 2009  

Donna, I just wanted to say that I was so delighted to stumble across your site. Today is Alaina's b-day and I am taking a walk down memory lane. So many wonderful memories are held in my heart forever as I am sure they are for you :) We will love her forever!!! Becky Carni

Greeneyezz 10:45 PM, October 21, 2009  


Wow! I'm tickled that you found my site, and on the other hand,I can probably guess what 'key names' you had used to find it. Kind of bitter-sweet. :(

I'm glad you stopped and commented. I also read your comments on her guestbook as well. Please feel free to comment as often as you want, your words, whether here or on her guestbook are soothing. :)

I hope all is well with you. I didn't really get the chance (or had the mind to) to really talk with you back in July, but I was pleased that you had come.
Thank you. I know you miss her. We all do too. But somehow the warm comments you and everyone else that have been posted there, makes it a bit easier.



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