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Adirondack High Peak Mountains
From Lake Placid's Golf Course

>> Sunday, January 24, 2010

The below photo was taken while facing South at The Lake Placid Golf Course. You'll notice on the far Left is part of a golf green; and on the far Right is the Olympic Ski Jump. I tried to upload this using a 5000 px width photo, but Blogger would only upload a 1600 px max width. (Mmm.. after almost 4 years of writing here, I'm just now realizing this.) My original photo is an amazing 15,495 X 1,413 px, which will make a very decent Panoramic photo.

(Please Right click and open in separate Tab/Window to make larger.)

Below is the Key so one can tell what's Mountain is what. I'd like to thank two people who have done a wonderful job helping me identifying them... RandomScooter and Colden46 are both 46'rs. Thanks!

  1. The southern ridge of Kilburn Mountain - 3882' (Not a High Peak*
  2. The North Notch Col - 3051' (Not a Mtn, but a Pass between Mtns.)
  3. The North Peak of Slide Mountain
  4. Slide Mountain - 3576' (Not a High Peak*)
  5. The South Notch Col
  6. Sentinel - 3858' (Not a High Peak*)
  7. Southern terminus of the Sentinel Range
  8. Pitchoff Mountain - 3600' (Not a High Peak*)
  9. Cascade Mountain - 4098' (One of two High Peaks* I climbed. so far.)
  10. Scott's Cobble
  11. Big Slide Mountain - 4240'
  12. Yard Mountain - 4009' (Not considered a High Peak*)
  13. Gothics Mountain - 4736'
  14. Mount VanHoevenberg - 2940' (Not a High Peak*)
  15. Saddleback Mountain - 4515'
  16. The East Shoulder of Basin Mountain
  17. Basin Mountain - 4827'
  18. Phelps Mountain - 4161'
  19. Tabletop Mountain - 4427'
  20. Mount Haystack - 4960'
  21. Mount Marcy - 5344' (Tallest in NYS.)
*High Peak, as per The Adirondack 46'r is over 4000' ft high.

View Adirondack High Peak Mountains From Lake Placid's Golf Course in a larger map

Below is a quick 30 sec. video panning this view:

Can you see why I love it up there so much?

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1 Reflections:

Awake In Rochester 3:31 AM, January 31, 2010  

Darn! I cant see the pics on my cell. I will have to take a peek next time Im at the library computter. Stay warm neighbor. ;)

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