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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

The 'Cuse is Back in the House...

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We play UCONN tonight.  Looking forward to going to the game.

Below is a pic I took for the Georgetown game. Gotta love the Students' enthusiasm for the huge head shot of Boeheim.

I was on the other end of the court when I took this. 

On my side of the dome, someone also had a huge pic of Boeheim, but from his younger ultra-nerdy stage.  Who the hell am I kidding?  He's still in that stage.
I wish I was able to snap a pic of it to show.  But the below pic is a Classic of him!
Gotta Love that fashion sense!

Me?  I'll be taking off for the dome right after work today.  I'm required to have a professional wardrobe when working.  I'm fine with that, even though the rest of the agency has 'Casual Friday', we at the clinic are exempt at that.  I'm fine with that though, as I'm usually dressed up when working anyway. 

So, I'll be changing into jeans and sneakers in my office.  Right now I have a dress on with boots.
And even with the dress on, underneath it all, I'm still wearing my lucky SU socks! 

Go SU!! 

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4 Reflections:

meleah rebeccah 3:43 PM, February 10, 2010  

Hope you enjoy your time at the game!!

livintheblues 6:28 PM, February 10, 2010  

has a moment thinking of greeneyezz in boots.........................Ok now the pic I thought my sense of fashion was bad but that guy out does me..:) ps I deny having paisley bell bottom pants in my closet..that was a rumour started by Olga...enjoy the game..:)

Awake In Rochester 5:07 PM, February 15, 2010  

Go SU! Wild socks! lol

delmer 11:47 AM, February 17, 2010  

You gotta love that tie/jacket combo.

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