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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

In Front of a Record-Breaking Audience of 34,616...

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Alma Mater RULES!

***Edited 3/1/10***
Found a great video of the Dome filling up with 34,616 people and then emptying out...
in less than One Minute:

The Game - and 34,616 Fans In Less Than A Minute's news article is below:

Dome-ination: Syracuse trounces Villanova in front of record crowd

Below was taken from my seat.  (This is a high res. photo so click on it to see the details.)

The next two photos were taken from the top of my section.  (Wish I had a wide-angle lense to get the whole crowd in.)  They both are High Res. so you can click on it.  What an amazing sea of Orange. 

Also, The Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation had given Every Single Ticket Holder an Orange hand cloth, and with everyone waving them in the crowd, it made that sea of Orange wave & flow.

I LOVE this shot!  The Student Section is located on the opposite from my seats.  If you've ever been to a game here then you'd know what they were doing below...

(Whenever the other team is trying to make a foul shot, in unison, the student section swings their uplifted arms from Left to Right.)
And every single person does that in unison.  Kinda looks like a living visual art-form. 

My favorite part of that game?  It was a little shy of 9 minutes left and Arinze Onuaku had the ball and was going towards the hoop when someone fouled him, which made him lose his balance and went backwards.  Here he was, he fell backwards at about a 45-degree angle to the floor, you knew he was headed down.  And what does he do?  In that mid-air fall, he still shoots the ball.  Immediately after the ball leaves his hands you see him crash on his back to the floor, and then your head swings back to the ball, which is reaching the net.. and it goes in! The Crowd just Roared!  And to top it off??  He even made the foul shot given to him because of his fall!  Yaay!

They sold T-shirts Specifically for this game.
One of the gentlemen I was with had quickly spotted this technical 'error' this design of t-shirt that hundreds (perhaps thousands) were wearing. Can you figure out way it wasn't correct??
So NO ONE has been able to figure out what's WRONG with this ... on Twitpic

I had sent this pic up to my twitter account, which automatically posts it to my facebook account too.

Turns out, after a while, ArmoryMassage was able to come up with the correct answer.....

To make that T-Shirt correct, it really should read: Just me and 34,615 of my friends

Isn't technology wonderful?!  In 5 seconds flat, I can snap a pic, and in one shot, have it sent to Twitter, facebook, & my blog
(check out my top right sidebar) --->

I suppose it can backfire too though....  B. and another mutual friend of ours, J. have been avid SU Basketball fans for many years, B's had these seats for about 25 years now, about the time when the dome first opened. Anyways..  I did say they are avid SU Fans, yes?
Because of where we sit,  ESPN, when panning the crowd, oftentimes does it from our section, so I've been spotted on TV several times. A few games ago, I was there, again with B. and there was like 45 seconds left in the game.  So, what am I doing?  I'm putting on my  jacket, getting ready to leave.  And then what happens?  Apparantly, ESPN starts to pan across my section, I come into view on national tv with 45 seconds left in the game, and our friend J. who's watching from home, sees me and is texting B. (next to me) to tell me to....

Take off my jacket 'cause the Game isn't over yet!!! 

Men!!  *rolls eyes & laughs*  Sheesh!!

One last thing.
Depending on how Purdue does today....
The Syracuse University Men's Basketball Team will be

The Number One Team in the Country!

We'll find out tomorrow.

We ROCK, but keep your fingers crossed.

'Cause it ain't over until the jackets go back on.  :)

© 2010 Greeneyezz

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meleah rebeccah 1:04 PM, March 01, 2010  

Im thrilled you had such a WONDERFUL time, and these photos? are priceless!!

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