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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

The Circle of Life

>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

“There is such a concept of loss. Loss and how we react to loss. We think of things in a straight line: birth-life-death.  That’s not really how it works.  You take those ends and you bend it into a circle so it’s birth-life-death-REbirth. So you have to be prepared when you lose something – when you go through a divorce, when your mother dies, when you lose your house you have to understand that nature has it no other way. There is a rebirth.  The death is painful. It doesn’t change the pain of the death. But you gotta stay awake and stay focused for what’s the rebirth that God is about to offer you.”
~ Will Smith, on Oprah 11/6/2008

I've often heard of the Tree of Life.  The different seasons we travel through.
How life (and death) are not linear.
But somehow it's harder for me to understand that.  Harder to wrap my mind around that.
More difficult to make some sense of it all.
The cycle of life.
A natural phenomenon.
What's so natural about an unnatural death?

The reverberations of her death still washes over my family and I. Much like that single smooth stone that's dropped in a pool of deep blue, that once was so calm and mirror-like.   
What once was.
Each circle of its effect, rippling over me.  Over my family. And each is caught in the tidal wave.
Their own tide of grief.  
"Loss and how we react to loss." Will Smith's own thoughtful ponderings.
How we react to loss.  How we reacted to her loss?
There's some sort of synchronistic mirrored reaction that brought two sisters together again.
And tore two other sisters apart.
All from  that same ripple Tidal wave.

The tree of life.
A rebirth after a death?
It's been 8 months today.

And late last night I get a text from Andrea.
Alaina's best friend.
And early this morning, I get one more text from Andrea.
Two pictures.
Two little boys.  Twins.
Born this morning.  8 months after that stone first hit that pool of blue.

And in honor of her best friend that will never see her children,
one of the boys now bears Alaina's last name...
As his middle name.


The Circle of Life.

© 2010 Greeneyezz

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