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I SOOO Want to do this...

>> Saturday, March 27, 2010

This summer!
While waiting for one of the SU March Madness games to start last week,  my friend FosterDad2 and I were talking about how much we each like seafood.  It was probably prompted by my twitpic I had posted of a lobster tail that I had broiled a few days before.

I mentioned wanting to do an authentic New England Clambake and was slightly surprised he knew *exactly* what I meant... sand pit, stone heat, rockweed and all! Yaay for Fosterdad! I think he got a kick out me telling him one of the men behind the counter at Price Chopper's Seafood Dept, knows me by sight.  I have gone there so often I call him my fish monger.   ;)

Of course, this would be a work of art in the making, with several hours of outdoor fire-pit and food prepping that involves everyone coming together to make this work.  It really is a group effort/activity that is shared, an event, not simply your typical BBQ.

To continue in the same tradition, as common-place in many Eastern Coastal beaches, the prep of this all-day feast must include a large simmering pot of Freshly made New England Clam Chowdaw to start with, to tide people over, to be washed down with  many icy bottles of ice-cold beer. (And you damn well better call it Chowdaw too!)   :)

I SOOO want to do this.

Below is the "Traditional" way of doing this clambake, and the video below that one is a 'Revamped' modified version for us city folk.  :)

The Traditional New England Clambake:

I of course, would alter the variety of seafood from what they show above.
Little Necks Ugh! They're Raw! on the half shell??  No freakin' way!
I'd replace the snot clams on the half shell with shrimp cocktail.  Aside from the Whole Maine Lobster, I'd use Little neck clams, Mussels, possibly shrimp, and perhaps crab.  I'd also use Fresh Corn on the cob (still in the husks), small red potatos, and Chorizo.  Depending on  the appetites of everyone, I may include grilled BBQ Chicken, on the side of course.

This is a much easier, less labor-intensive, also less of a work of art...
The Backyard New England Clambake:

I would probably do a variation of the Traditional one in the first video.  Because I'm fairly certain none of the beaches around here would allow for us to make a fire on, though it would be very neat to do something like this with a local backdrop of this:
The photo above and below are The Chimney Bluffs of Lake Ontario
Some other photos that I took of this beautiful place can be found here: ZZ's Photos.
I think I recall a picnic area when there last summer.  I'll have to take a trip up there, again with camera in hand, and see if I can indeed discover a place to be able to do a bake.

I did find an instructional site that uses a galvanized wash tub that's set on top of an open fire here.

Mmmmmm...... I wonder if I can entice a few of my friends to do this??

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3 Reflections:

livintheblues 9:45 AM, March 28, 2010  

OK I'm there..:)

meleah rebeccah 7:50 PM, March 29, 2010  

OMG. I would LOVE to do this too. And now I am STARVING and seriously craving seafood!

Awake In Rochester 3:36 PM, March 31, 2010  

When I was young we use to have a family clambake every year. I remember helping to scrub all those clams clean. My Uncle use to have a clambake in his back yard. The broth was fantastic! The family dosn't get together like that anymore, but I still have a clambake at a restaurant every year just as a reminder. (plus I really like seafood) ;)

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