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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

My Life in Twitpics

>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

I decided to peruse the past pics I've taken with my cell phone. It turned out to be quite a stroll through memory lane for me, and thought I'd post some of the more memorable ones for me. Mind you, most of them are not good quality... whatcha gonna get from a cell phone pic is whatcha got...not good quality. It's more for documenting (for me at least) my past two years on TwitPic. Clicking on the pics will take you to the original twitpic location where there are comments on some of them.

Spending 25 minutes chasing a bird that had flown into my home after opening the flue to start a fire. It took me about half an hour to swoosh him out through my porch door.
Opened the flue to start a fire & this flew out of my chimney... on Twitpic

Found this deer in the water at Green Lakes:
This deer was stuck in the water. Passerbyers helped get her ... on Twitpic
To read the accompanying Post I did on it, you'll find it here: Doe Eyezz

Or how about the very first hand I had when playing poker:
This was my first hand!!! #fb on Twitpic

And how I was teased by Cowtown for not bringing typical 'Poker fare' to the game:
What an Edible Work of Art for Tonight's Poker Game. #fb on Twitpic

I climbed Baker Mountain by myself for a quick easy hike:
Great View! #AlainaIWishYouCoudSeeThis #fb on Twitpic
For the quick 30 second video of me panning across this vista, you can find it here:
Baker Mtn.

It was very peaceful to do this by myself on such a beautiful day. This is the Benchmark found at the top:
I MADE IT! Baker Mtn in The 'Dacks. #fb on Twitpic

Beautiful view of several highpeaks, taken from Lake Placid's Golf Course:
#Fb on Twitpic
A quick 30 second Pan video of this can be found here:High Peaks

To the trailhead of Ampersand Mountain:
#Fb on Twitpic

On our way up to Ampersand Mountain for our memorial to Alaina.
#Fb Nephew Matt on Twitpic

At the Tribute site for Alaina:
#Fb on Twitpic

I love Old Cemeteries, and Oakwood Cemetery here in Syracuse is listed on the National Historic Site. This is from the oldest section of the cemetery, Dedication Valley:
For better photos that I've taken of this great place: Dedication Valley.
Oldest section of Oakwood Cemetery in #Syracuse. National His... on Twitpic
You can find out more about Oakwood's history and some incredible photos here:
Shades of Oakwood.

The Chimney Bluffs on Ontario Lake:
The Chimney Bluffs @ Lake Ontario on Twitpic
To see much better photos that I took of this beautiful place:
Chimney Bluffs

It had been years since I'd come across a Robin's egg shell:
Robins egg on Twitpic
(I was golfing, not imitating M. Jackson's gloved hand.) :)

YADDO Gardens in Saratoga Springs:
YADDO in Satatoga. on Twitpic

On the Lawn for Saratoga's Jazz Fest:
SPAC's lawn. It's a warm one. #SPACJazzFest on Twitpic
(We have inside tickets too, but ya know, the party is *always* on the grass.) :)
For the accompanying Blog Post:Vouleez vous coucher avec moi 

And even our 'Traveling Party on Wheels' for Saratoga's Jazz Fest:
@Harry..see...Everything fit!Sunny out too!!! on Twitpic

Jamesville Balloon Fest:
To see much better photos that I took of all these balloons: Jamesville Balloon  Fest.

The Seafood Wellington at The Great Adirondack Steak & Seafood Company:
Seafood Wellington @ The Great Adirondack Steak & Seafood Co. on Twitpic

Golfing with Fosterdad2. Watta Stance!
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

When I took my niece Alaina with me for her very first 5K Run for The Race for The Cure and we came across these gentlemen:
I LOVE IT!!! on Twitpic
(Notice the shit-eating grin on the 2nd one from the Right.)

From golfing with my niece and nephew:
Tiger and michelle wii out on Twitpic

The Whitehouse:

And Washington DC's Cherry Blossom Festival:
Cherry blossoms @ the Tidal Basen in D.C. on Twitpic
To see much better photos that I took of the blossoms in D.C.: Cherry Blossoms

The tshirt of a good friend of mine, when we were watching SU for March Madness last year. The 1st part is cut off and says "I Do ...":
This is on @fosterdad2's shirt on Twitpic
(I SOOO LOVE that T-shirt Fosterdad!) ;)~~

When I bid "Speedy" a 'surprise' Good Morning out to the Twitterverse, and he came across it:
Ha... on Twitpic

What my street looked like on January 9th, 2009:
My street just before snow plow on Twitpic

My Wine Cage *before* our 24 winery weekend:
My Wine Cage. Just about Bare. -MotherHubbardZZ on Twitpic

I just really liked how these wine bottles looked on the shelf at Red Newt Winery:
Red Newt Hellbender on Twitpic

Annnnd.... My Wine cage *after* a 24 winery weekend: :)
My cupboard is no longer bare!  ; ) on Twitpic

Lunch Break. Autumn is my favorite Season:
Long lunchbreak on Twitpic
I was able to snap a beautiful photo while in this park. You'll find it here: Golden Blanket.

On my way to the Polling place:
On my way to polling place on Twitpic

Ever try this wine?
It sucks.
HA! I said 'Sucks' ! I so crack myself up!
Ever try this Wine?  It Sucks! HA!  I said 'Sucks' !  I so cr... on Twitpic

Two Cords of Wood that I had to stack (& bitched about the whole time!):
My Saturday morning - ugh! on Twitpic

From the top of Ampersand Mountain in the Adirondacks:
Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
For the accompanying blog post, you'll find it here: Ampersand Mtn.
(This would be the 1st mountain that my niece Alaina had climbed with us. She was excited and wanted to try a high peak the following year.  It ended up being her only mountain she would climb.)

I obviously had hundreds more that I had taken. I didn't realize I have well over 500 pics on there.

© 2010 Greeneyezz

5 Reflections:

Speedcat Hollydale 7:22 AM, March 14, 2010  

Love it!

Twitpic is simply the best / easiest way to share and store photos on the go. I love the fact that you can hotlink the images too. Did you know a big version is available? Change "thumb" to "large" and then get rid of pixel parameters. SWEET!

I periodically go through my files there too, as I take pictures almost every day.

ps ... I am happy you picked that ONE twitpic to have included in your post :-)

Greeneyezz 10:51 AM, March 14, 2010  

Eric - I did just change them to
300 px, but ouch! .. Most are really poor pics! Just an FYI - I had originally started to do an entirely different post when I started this. I will still write about it but this can stand on it's own.

My original thought was about widgets and how some of them are now being discontinued...> to my disappointment. It evolved in this specific post because TwitPic has done away with the App to allow us to post them to our sites, like the one on my top right sidebar, and the one you have on your site.

So while we both have them, if you aren't too sure if you want to keep that app on your site, then just make sure you store a copy of the code somewhere, cause you won't be able to get it again through twitpic's site.

Annnd.... :) Of course I had included my Good Morning Greeting to you here! It would have been nice if I was able to see that, when you first clicked on it to find it was specifically for you. lol


Speedcat Hollydale 6:41 PM, March 14, 2010  

I have seen lots of other "twitpic widgets" around the net. I hope that the feed is never shut down! Being able to post to my blog is the best part of mobile phone photos.
At least it seems to be reliable now ... when twitpic was a new and growing site it seemed to have a lot of server issues. I have actually talked directly with Noah Everett many times. He is quite interesting, and I love that his web service started in his own apartment.

Speedcat Hollydale 6:45 PM, March 14, 2010  

I think they are blurry because the large size is 800 px wide and you must have resied to 300 with html tags??

I am going to peek at your source code - dont worry, I am a doctor

Ruth D. Hochman 12:26 AM, March 22, 2010  

ZZ - Thanks for sharing...



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