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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

*Random Thoughts*

>> Friday, September 10, 2010

*I can't wait to get out of work today*
*Wow! I'm all caught up on my paperwork*
*Damn, this Ginger French Cognac is tasty*
*I've discovered I hate driving at night. Particularly in the Adirondacks*
*Hmm... tomorrow partly cloudy.*
*But Saturday is supposed to be Full Sun!*
*Maybe I'll check out a few waterfalls*
*God! I'm so relaxed right now, being in the Adirondacks*
*Hmmmm, it could also be the Cognac*
*My eyes feel strained from darting back and forth looking for Glowing eyes on the way up here*
*I'm tired*
*Mmmmm... Good Cognac*

5 Reflections:

Speedcat Hollydale 1:15 AM, September 10, 2010  

ha haa! Night Night ZZ ;-)

Greeneyezz 9:10 AM, September 10, 2010  

Good morning Speedy!
I reread what I wrote last night. In spite what that it sounded like I zonked out because of the Cognac, it was much more due to the really long day I had. Having to work all day and then drive through the mountains, at night, in the rain, and watching for deer the whole time. ;)
But I'm safe & sound.


And can I just say....
I love having a laptop and wifi.

meleah rebeccah 2:48 PM, September 10, 2010  

Ah yes, relaxing with cognac. Good times indeed!

joven 4:30 PM, September 30, 2010  

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Ricardo 8:40 AM, October 28, 2010  

Please share this cognac when you get a chance.

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