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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Race For The Cure - May 14, 2011

>> Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pink was her favorite color.

And this was her first 5K
The Race For The Cure. 2009.  And to see the wonderment and excitement play across her features as she looked around in awe at the thousands who came out to either Walk, Run, or Support each other, and all in a sea of pink, was priceless to watch.
The months leading up to this was actually comical. She knew I, for several years had Run/Walked this, so I was excited when she said she wanted to run it with me.  YES!!  I had screamed!  I would LOVE for you to run with me, I remembered exclaiming, remembering her smile beaming back at me. And then it hit me. I looked over at her really long and lean legs of hers, and Like a Ton of Bricks, it hit me. What have I just gotten myself into?  Alaina must have seen my own self-doubts play upon my easily read face & I can clearly remember her saying... "Uh uhhh Aunt Donna, you're not backing out NOW!  We'll train for it, I can meet you at the gym and we'll run together."  Not wanting to disappoint her,  off we went to the gym. Race Day comes and as we pull into the Fairgrounds at 7 AM I can sense the excitement building in both of us, and all around us. I swear her eyes were as big as saucers as she had clearly underestimated the size and magnitude of this race.  A never ending sea of Pink & White.  She was astonished at what she was witnessing before her eyes, as The Fairgrounds was abuzz with all this activity and undercurrent of all this excitement.  There were tents and booths of Breast Cancer Info and Breast Cancer Research.  She Oooohed & Ahhhhed at all the race sneakers that had been spray painted Pink and were hung on fences and strewn along the course.  She smiled as she saw the long tables filled with bottles of water and laughed as she came across little children who wore Adult Size Race t shirts that hung down to their ankles, all the while feeling that excitement that was all around her.

I even felt her become quiet as a solemn hush of stillness came over her as I watched her become... aware.
Aware that some participants wore Race Shirts with the same logo but were PINK, not White like ours. Next she became aware that some participants had either nothing on the back of their t shirt or had a sheet of paper that had been pinned on. And hand written on them were some very simple messages like, "I WALK IN HONOR OF MY SISTER" or "I RUN IN MEMORY OF MY WIFE" and even "WE WALK IN MEMORY OF OUR MOTHER". Subtle differences that made a bold impact on her as the palpable excitement of all these thousands of people in a sea of Pink & White, gave way to the solemn understanding of the true meaning and reason for this race. The excitement and energy of running her very first 5K had finally made it's way from her head down to where it really mattered...
her heart.
I smiled to myself as I realized.. She gets it.

A Team has been started for The Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure, in her honor.
Please consider donating to a wonderful cause.
And help to keep the spirit of her alive. 

You'll find the team page here:  Team: ANIALA

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Stoner quotes 6:21 AM, May 18, 2011  

running for a cause...I think it if wouldn't be that special someone or something half of the participants would not finish races of this kind. It's clear that it's that special someone that gives us the strength to carry on when your body collapses. 10x for sharing ;)

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