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"The soul that can speak through the eyes, can also kiss with a gaze."
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

A Day of Kayaking

>> Sunday, July 24, 2011

Went kayaking with a few friends. Rented at Stone's Marina,
From the Rental building, the kayaks get loaded up on the truck and then we all hop in, along the sides of the truck, with a safety bar that comes down over us and prevents any one's demise. 

He drops us off at the edge of his harbor and follow a rather peaceful and winding river...

The river empties out into Oneida Lake.  We follow the shoreline to the right...

And eventually make it into serene Fisher Bay where we just sat back and floated a bit before guiding our kayaks down the narrow channel....

To our final destination... Fisher Bay Bar & Restaurant
A perfect Summer Sunny Saturday afternoon.  Had a couple Margaritas (my summer drink) and pizza while enjoying a beautiful sunset from their dockside outter deck....

And when we were done all we had to do was call him back, where he came back with his truck, loaded us up and brought us back to our cars again.  Talk about service..  :)

You can view the path we took from the map below.  Started from where the Anchor is, and followed the winding river until it emptied out into Oneida Lake, hanging a Right till we found our destination. 
You can click on the Anchor and Martini Glass to find out additional info on those two places..

View Kayaking via Stone's Marina to Fisher Bay in a larger map

Will Definitely do this again.


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4 Reflections:

robert 6:07 PM, July 25, 2011  

now that looks like great fun...which has made me modify my bucket list slightly which now trapped by a stuck zipper in a sleeping bag with Greeneyes in the Adirondacks and or ending up on an abandoned island with said young lady while kayaking...:))))))))

Greeneyezz 9:30 PM, July 25, 2011  

Mr. Bourne... it's a pain in the ass to get your hair stuck in the zipper..Literally! <--HA! ;p~~

It is VERY fun in deed! Little bit of exercise for your arms, but, in a good way! :)

And the icy Margaritas on such a Hot day were very tasty!


jodenbeaudoin 9:37 PM, July 31, 2011  

You are braver than I am going in a kayak with a brand new dSLR (from what I can rememeber). Nice shots ... the sunset shot is very well done :-)

Greeneyezz 6:42 PM, August 01, 2011  

Ahhh JD, but I'm really NOT that Brave. (some people might call that stupid.) ;)

I did however, put my 'Droid Phone in a ziplock baggie though. Nice pics though, huh? Particularly the one of the sunsetting horizen. You should click one it for the full size. I love that this phone's camera is has
8 megapixels to it.


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