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>> Thursday, August 22, 2013

I slept overnight, outside, at Henninger High School, to get these tickets to see Our President of the United States, Barrack Obama, and then waited 7 hours in line once it became daylight out, Then...  waited 2 hours in the POURING RAIN outside of Henninger High School... waiting to go through Security, just so we could go in side.  And, this is ALL that I got:

Below is a pic of ALL the people, who, drowned in rain, just like me, and who all had waited, Just like me, and who all had a ticket, Just like me,  that had been TURNED AWAY because.....

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4 Reflections:

Chrissy S. 11:58 AM, August 23, 2013  

This suck beyond belief. I didn't get on Facebook until just now, so I didn't know. If I had friends in higher places other than a friend in the Blue Man Group (ha!!) or better yet, Super Hero Powers, you'd better believe that I would have your back!! I really haven't read much about how this could have happened, but we do have a Mayor who, in my opinion, has done NOTHING for this city. I do vote, and I am a Democrat (in fact, I am a Poll Watcher - I did take the test for this year again - I dig it!) but there are no candidates. What can you do? She has done nothing for events that could have brought tons of good press and potential visitors to this soon to be the city I hoped it wouldn't become - a joke. I few things that she did or didn't do - she did nothing for the Ida Benderson Center. The festivals that happen nowadays just seem to happen without change - they have just became the same over-crowded events that people come to drink beer at. Blah! I used to love the Arts and Crafts fest when it first started, but I don't even bother. Also, the same with the Taste of Syracuse. If I go, I will go with a few friends who like to go in the early afternoon on Friday, when you can actually enjoy the food, without a bunch of drunk "adults" smacking into me. I know that she may have control over the following event, as it was at SU, but awhile back, Hoda and Kathy Lee from the Today show had this competition with 5 colleges around the country, that somehow SU was a runner-up. I'm not sure the winning college won, but I'll tell you, the publicity alone could have brought in more interested people than just students. It was really a big deal at a few of the colleges. Lots of press and locals also - imagine the business! Lets's face it - the majority of the people who go to SU games are not students, but locals who know absolutely nothing about the college except that. And you know, it sort of works the other way around, as my friend Sue works up at SU and said many of the staff, such as the Professors (she is the assistant for one) could care about the sports. My point in this, would have been that they Mayor should have contacted the College or vice versa, because there are tons of people home at 10am in the morning that would have dug this. Anyhoo, I am going to read more of what you wrote, and other people's opinion, but I still will try and see if perhaps my witchcraft powers will do something about this!! Cheers ~Chrissy S ;)

Chrissy S. 12:03 PM, August 23, 2013  

few corrections -This "sucks", "A" few things..., and I know that she may have NO control at SU events" - I guess I really do need to re-read my posts before I send them...

Anonymous 10:46 PM, August 23, 2013  

I was pissed when I saw the two hecklers in the group who were kicked out. Not because of whatever their issue was but because that was two seats that could have gone to people that really wanted to be there and wanted to hear what Obama had to say.

Anonymous 10:48 PM, August 23, 2013  

Oh yeah, that last comments was from @snarkwaffle on Twitter.

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